Ryo Fan Fiction

The Older Woman by Louise

The first time Ryo fell in love with Natsuti. It happened on the Christmas Eve when everyone else went home to visit their own family. What makes Natsuti's special for Ryo?

The Younger Man by Louise

Sequel from 'The Older Woman'. For the ones who never read that one, it's recommended to understand the sequel better, although it's more like a stand alone story than a sequel. One year after the prequel, part two. What did Nasuti like from Ryo?

Kimodameshi by Louise

Bad things happened to the group the night they went to Nasuti's villa to enjoy their summer holiday! And definitely, there was something that only included Ryo and Nasuti...Sequel of The Younger Man.

Mama-chama Mama-chama : A New Meaning of Spring Mama-chama : The Conclusion

all by Louise

A story about Ryo's mother and how she died, leaving him alone in the world. Kleenex warning!!! *sniff*

"Dark Dreams" - A very special person from Ryo's past meets the Ronins... secrets are revealed... and a new enemy arises... Complete.


Prologue-Chapter 1-Chapter 2-Chapter 3-Chapter 4- Chapter 5-Chapter 6-Chapter 7-Chapter 8-Chapter 9

"Token Of the Past" - An epilogue to "Dark Dreams". Complete

BY: Jinx&Jedi

"Token Of the Past"

"Shards Of Reality" - The sequel to "Dark Dreams". Complete

BY: Jinx&Jedi

Chapter One - Chapter Two - Chapter Three - Chapter Four -Chapter Five - Chapter Six - Chapter Seven - Chapter Eight - Chapter Nine - Chapter Ten - Chapter Eleven

"Heir of Wildfire"- About Ryo's son and family.


Part 1-Part 2-Part 3-Part 4

"New Armors"-Talpa's back and he's after the new armors and gems!

BY:Anna of Starwildfire

Episode 12-Episode 13-Episode 14-Episode 15A-Episode 15B-Episode 16-Episode 17 -Episode 18-Episode 19-Episode 20-Episode 21-Episode 22

"Ronin Knight"- Tapla has two new warlords but one of them is Ryo's girlfriend! Whats Ryo to do?


Parts 1-8

"Feelings"- Five mysterious Chinese girls enter into each of the Ronin boys’ lives. They know their identities and they even know Mia.


Profile of New Characters-Chapter 1-Chapter 2 -Chapters 3-5

How Low Can You Go

BY: Zorra

What will the guys do when Yuli takes Ryo's armor orb. For Yuli haters. No, I didn't kill him this time. Complete

Part 1

Poem of Destiny

BY: Zorra

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