Some spoilers here!

Ryo's Story*spoilers*

I going to use English names here, bez a lot of people don't know the japanese names for the characters.

Show Plot- The plot of the Ronin Warriors is to defeat a Evil Warlord, or Emperor named Tapla. The Ancient defeated Tapla over 1,000s of years ago, but Tapla is back had ready to battle. The Anicent split-up Tapla's armor into 9 armors. The Ancient got 5 of the armors while Tapla got the other armors. Four hundred years ago, the defeated and exiled Tapla began to search for the armors. He found four of the armors and their current owners. These men's hearts were weak and they had a lust for power that made them perfect for Tapla to use. He recruited these young men into his army, making them his Dark Warlords. The Ancient found the 5 warriors to wear the armors: Ryo, Cye, Kento, Sage, and Rowen. Together they will fight the 4 Warlords and Tapla to save the world.

How Ryo fits in: Ryo is the first of the Ronin Warriors to show-up and the first to fight and to run-in to traps by the evil warlords. Ryo is first found when the group was split a-part(again by Tapla). He is found my Mia and Juli and Whiteblaze. He then goes on a search for others it was mainly him finding very body, only Mia found Sage. So, he becomes the unofficial leader of the group taking on the responsibles as a leader. Plus, he has a mind link with his friends, because he knows when they are in trouble. Ryo also won't let the others get hurt and instead he gets the *&&* out of him.


Gaiden: 2 parts, 50 minutes total. Shikaisen, an ancient demon, employs a vain scientist to capture Sage and take control of the Kourin yoroi. The other Troopers, with help from a girl named Luna, set out to save Sage. The setting is in New york.

How Ryo fits in: Ryo was the first to see that Sage was in trouble and was the first to go after him. Ryo and Luna had a special relationship in this movie and I think that was Ryo's first crush in the oavs/series. It ended bez Luna died in the end.

Kikoutei Densetsu: 4 parts, 90 minutes total. An African boy, Mukara, discovers the Black Armor and attacks Shinjuku. Whiteblaze and Cye are intimidated by his awesome power; without Cye's energy, the Troopers can't summon the White Armor. Mukara teleports back to his tribe in Tanzania, bringing Ryo and Sage with him. While Cye and Whiteblaze confront their fears at home, Mia, Yui, Kento and Rowen search for their kidnapped friends. Mukara's fiancee Naria aids the Troopers in their battle, and when Whiteblaze and Cye finally arrive, the White and Black Armors fight their final battle. Their mutual annihilation restores the Troopers to their lives as normal teenagers(in other words their yorois were destroy completely by the Black Armor).

How Ryo fits in: Ryo is the first to fight Mukara and how would they win without the Inferno armor?

Message: 5 parts, 110 minutes total. A ghost from the feudal ages, Suzunagi, attempts to complete the performance of a prophetic play written by her father. The events of the Samurai Troopers series match the story of the play perfectly, but because the Troopers have abandoned their yoroi, the end of the play was never reached. Suzunagi traps the Troopers in a new set of yoroi, and the Troopers are forced to perform the end of the play, so that Suzunagi can rest.

How ryo fits in: Ryo sees what Suzunagi is doing to the others and sets out to stop her. Ryo helps Suzunagi in doing so he frees the others(I think). Don't understand this oav and I haven't seen Message.

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