Information on Ryo of the Wildfire

Info: Ryo is the unofficial leader of the Ronin Warriors and cares about his friends. He hates to see his friends hurt, so he gets the *** out of himself. Ryo has a temper and hit Juli once, though Ryo has a big heart for his friends. Ryo can be impatient at times and goes on "guilt-trips" when his friends are in trouble. Ryo is totally indifferent to finery and fashion and is not comfortable in social situations. Ryo does love nature.

Ryo leads the group not only because he is the only one who can call on the Inferno armor, but also because he has the courage to lead. Being a leader isn't easy, you have to be confident in yourself and you have to take responsibility for not only your own actions, but also the actions of the whole group. Sometimes the responsibility of leading gets to Ryo and he doubts himself. Usually he'll still come out on top in the end because of his quick thinking and his willpower to win.

Ryo is an orphan; his father was a wildlife photographer killed by a wild animal(some one said a mountain lion when Ryo was 12 yrs. old??). Also I have heard that his father is still alive and sends him money though a bank. Ryo's mother died for some reason? I heard that she had a heart failure when Ryo was 9yrs. old. Ryo's family, the Sanada, was a famous Ninja clan. Ryo has never met them since his father, the heir, left the family because he disliked the strict conventions the family kept. Nearly all his life, Ryo, lived in a log cabin in the mountains either in or near protected forests. It is very far since Ryo must walk about 9 miles to get to school. By Message he has moved to the city for high school.

Ryo is the first of the Ronin Warrior to show up in the series, and naturally is the main protagonist. Ryo is also rash, easily excited, and provoked which makes him a good target for most traps. Ryo can be easy heal from any source of fire and he draws strength from fire. Ryo is nearly invincible in volcanoes or any intense source of fire. Ryo also wears the Armor of Inferno, which is formed by calling together the power of the Wildfire armor and any other 4 of the nine armors splintered from Talpa's armor. The Inferno Armor is immensely powerful. In fact its true abilities have yet to be revealed.

The Hariel, or Fevor Armor

Hariel wasn't an actual character in the original, Japanese version of Ronin Warriors. Hariel was actually created by the American toymakers. They wanted another name for the second action figure of Ryo in the White Armor, and thus Hariel came into existence. I don't know if the armor-English name-is Fevor Armor, or Inferno Armor. Whiteblaze also transforms into BlackBlaze to carry the Soul Swords of Fevor for Ryo, when he is in the Inferno armor. BlackBlaze was origially Lord Sabar Strike's tiger but inorder to save a morallity wounded Whiteblaze, he joined with Whiteblaze.

How Ryo got WhiteBlaze

Actually, Ryo has only been with Whiteblaze for several years. He met the tiger first when he was four, and again when he was seven, and then ten. It was during the winter, that Anicent first appeared to him and began his training. In truth, it was Whiteblaze who led Kaosu to Ryo, Whiteblaze chose Ryo. 2nd Story-Whiteblaze was the Anicent's helper. When the Anicent form the group, Whiteblaze went to help and protect the Ronin Warriors. It doesn't answer why whiteblaze is Ryo's friend actually. Maybe Whiteblaze likes Ryo the best?

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