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By Louise Babyshampoo

Part Three - The Conclusion

Tokyo, thirteen years later

      A black haired boy, about sixteen, gazing out side his window and he gulped down some milk. His eyes never left cherry blossom petals that was swirling in the wind gracefully as if heralding the first morning of the spring. The boy smiled ironically, then shook his head, trying to clear it from certain memories. Sad memories.
      It had been thirteen years. He missed his mother very much. And he felt guilty gnawed his heart. If it were not for him, his mother and his baby sister would still be in the world by now.
      His father had been working like mad since his mother died, leaving him under his aunty's care. The only proof that showed his father's caring attitude toward him was only a certain amount of fund in the bank that kept coming each month. Apart from that, he never met nor he talked to his father. In fact, after all these years, they became strangers to each other.
      Junko Oba-san had been really good to him, but she was not the same as his mother, although they used to be twins. Different from his mother's gentle nature, Junko Oba-san was very stern and sometimes harsh to him. Anyway, she was still loving and understanding, so he had no problem living with her. On the other hand, she seldom asked him about his privacy and this resulted in his introvert nature. He always tried being cheerful, but he also avoided exposing his innermost feelings to his friends.
      Ryo jerked his head up when he heard some one approached him from behind. He turned around and smiled when he saw one of his friends, Shin.
      "What are you doing, Ryo?" Shin asked him casually, sinking his body on Ryo's mattress across the room, bouncing slightly in the process.
      Ryo shrugged, then turned his attention back to the cherry blossoms. "Nothing. Just watching the spring take winter's place."
      "Huh?" Shin's brows met. He did not really understand what his friend had meant.
      "It is so special." Ryo explained, "It brings cheerfulness, but it also brings sadness with it. See, the cherry blossoms?" he extended his hand to point at the scenery before them, "They're like tears..."
      Shin grinned broadly, exclaiming, "Ryo, Ryo... you're just being melancholic, eh? Why don't you just say that you're thinking about the past?"
      The other boy nodded, "As a matter of fact... I am."
      "Ah!" Shin hopped off the bed, rushing to Ryo's side, "Are you still thinking about our last battle with Arago? Come on... it's not important anymore!!! Don't blame yourself again."
      Ryo waved it off and scolded under his breath, "Shin, you got me wrong. I was just thinking about my mother!"
      Shin grinned sheepishly and scratched his head, feeling embarassed all of sudden, "Oh, gomen. Was she beautiful?"
      "Very beautiful," was Ryo's only response.
      Yes, very beautiful, indeed.
      She was the most beautiful woman in the world.
      The other boy only smiled gently and patted his friend on the shoulder. "Guess I have to leave you alone with your thoughts. See you at dinner."
      Ryo only nodded weakly as he watched his friend go. His precious friends. They were the ones who filled in the empty spot in Ryo's heart since the death of his mother. They were the ones who taught him about loneliness and how painful it was. With them, he was not alone anymore. He did not want to lose them... did not want his friends to be in danger because of him... He just could not stand the thought of losing one more time.
      He glimpsed out side the window and smiled at the sight of cherry blossoms falling down as he remembered his mother's last words for him.
      Be strong, Ryo. Always be strong... for your friends, for the ones you love...
      He turned around and imagined his mother sitting on his bed, smiling back at him. He closed his eyes tightly and whispered to the empty room. "Don't worry mother... I don't want to lose them the way I lost you..."
      And he swore he heard a soft laughter somewhere.


The last part of my "Mama-chama" fanfic!! Tadaaaa!! So, how was it? Did you enjoy it? I hope so! I know it's not focused on Ryo, but I really want to make a story about Ryo's mother, since no one (I think) ever wrote about that in the net!! ^_^

Flames, praise are welcomed... but please, not too harsh. *ehehe*

      Japanese words :
      Oba-san : aunty