How Low Can You Go By Cold-Fire (Zorra) Ryo walked along the dirt trail that ran threw the forest with Yuli tagging along beside him. He’d just finished kicking some dynasty butt, they weren’t much of a challenge, he mussed as he detransformed and slipped his armor orb into his pocket. “Hey Ryo look at this. What is it?” Ryo glanced down at the six year old, brown haired boy. “OMG!” Yuli that’s poison Ivy!” The little boy had Ivy leafs hanging out of his pockets and sticking to his shirt. “Opps.” “Opps? Opps! Is that all you can say? Get away from me you’re contagious.” Ryo let go of Yuli’s hand and gently but firmly pushed the little boy away. Yuli stumble, his lower lip trembling. “No, Yuli don’t cry. I’m sorry I didn’t really mean to yell at you. Please don’t cry.” Ryo pleaded. “Really.” “Honest.” Ryo’s blue eyes gazed guiltily into Yuli’s hurt brown ones. “Good. Now come on I don’t want to be late for the party Mia’s giving me.” Ryo stared stunned at the boy. “I said come on Ryo. I haven’t got all day, you know.” Ryo shook his head. “Say what? You can’t talk to me that way.” “Sure I can. See this.” Yuli reached in his pocket and pulled out Ryo’s armor orb. “As long as I have this, you have to do what I say.” Ryo growled dangerously at the boy, “How did you get that?” “You’re entirely to trusting Ryo. A warlord could get this from you if he wanted.” Yuli turned and ran down the path. Ryo was in close pursuit. After a while it became obvious that Ryo would not get his orb back by chasing the brat. He slowed his pace as a plan formed in his head. “Mia we’re back!” Called Yuli bouncing into the kitchen. “Good. Just in time.” Mia pulled a cake out of the fridge and placed it on the counter. Yuli watched as Mia sliced the cake into seven peaces. Cye came in to help her carry the plates out to the others in the dinning room. “Looks good Mia.” Ryo said picking up his fork. “Yea. Too bad you said Kento could have your share.” Said Yuli. “Really?” Kento asked eyeing the cake. “What?” Ryo said confused. “Remember Ryo, you said you were on a diet and that cake was a no no.” Yuli objected. “But I worked so hard on the cake.” Said Mia, disappointed. “Yea Yuli, Mia worked hard. Besides this is a special occasion, I can make an exception.” “That’s not what you said in the forest Ryo and you know it.” “Why you-“ Ryo started to stand. Yuli held Ryo’s armor orb in front of him blocking it with his hands so that only Ryo could see. Ryo glared at the Kid. “Go ahead Kento.” He shoved his peace to the Hardrock Ronin then retreated up stairs to his room. Half-an-hour latter, Sage entered Ryo’s room without knocking. He closed and locked the door behind him. Then he pushed a pacing, angry Ryo down on the bed. “Sage, what?” “Why does Yuli have your armor orb Ryo?” Sage demanded in a low voice. Not wanting unwelcome ears to overhear. “The little brat stole it. But how did you know?” “My eyes are sharp Ryo I know lots of things.” There was a glint in his violet eye. “Including. How to punish him proper.” Ryo leaned forward a smile spreading across his face. “I’m listening.” ~The next day~ Ryo, Sage, Kento, Cye, and Rowen gather outside to say good-bye to Mia. They were going on a picnic in the woods and were looking forward to the down time while the dynasty was quite. Ryo sighed, he really needed a break it seemed like yesterday he was fighting soldiers, oh wait it was yesterday. The guys turned to leave as Yuli ran out of the house with a small bag. “Wait up guys. I’m coming too.” “Now listen up-“ Ryo began. Sage put his arm up to stop Ryo’s advance. “Please guys, I need to go to town to get some things. Couldn’t he go with you?” Mia’s pleading eyes left no room for argument. “Sure Mia. He won’t be any trouble at all.” Smiled Sage. Ryo glared at him before turning roughly on his heals and walking away. “Yeaaaaaa!” Cried the happy child. Mia watched the guys go. Finally I’m rid of that annoying brat for a few hours. I hope whatever Sage has in mind works. Or I’m going to end up Killing that kid. The walk through the woods was relatively quite. Anytime Yuli tried to bother Ryo, Cye and Kento would distract him. Ryo was deeply grateful to them. Finally they came to a clearing and laid out a blanket then the food. Just as they were sitting down to there food dark clouds filled the sky. “The Dynasty!” cried Rowen transforming into his sub armor. Kento and Cye fallow suit. Sage and Ryo hung back. Dynasty soldiers surrounded them pointing an array of weapons at the group. “Get ready for it.” Said Kento as he moved into a fighting stance. “QUAKE WITH FEAR!” a loud voice thundered. Chains came flying down around the Ronins and into the earth. Then energy exploded from them sending everyone flying. “Snake Fang Bite!” “Web of Deception!” “Black Lightning Strike!” (And if you don’t know who called what, then I’m not going to tell ya) “Star Sword Scream” all the warlords and Ronins look up to see Lady Kayura (?). “What do you think you are doing here?” Demanded Anubis. “Hey how’s the babe?” Asked Kento. The others just shrugged. “I want to have some fun too.” Whined Kayura. “Leave at once.” “Yes, leave Kayura. This battle does not concern you.” Said Dais. “Now guys,” Said Cale, “Let her stay. I’m sure Talpa won’t mind if we have a bit of fun with her after the battle. That is of course, Lady Kayura if Talpa doesn’t need you for some other personal matter. Hell, maybe even the Ronins wouldn’t mind a peace of that fine ass.” “Hey!!!” Kayura and Cye yelled at the same time. The Warlords laughed. “Star Sword Scream” “Huh?” All the Warlords. A moment latter four-chibi warlords fell to the ground smoking. A chibi Kayura kicked her leg out behind her as she turned and disappeared. “Damn her.” Said Anubis getting up. “Ronin’s to arms.” Rang out Ryo’s voice. “Oh no you don’t.” Anubis swung his sickle at the Fire Ronin. The chains wrapped around Ryo’s neck cutting off his air. “Ryo!” Cried Sage transforming into his sub armor. Before anyone could react, Sehkmet’s sure kill caused tree’s earth and a helpless Ryo to spray into the air. “Ryo, NO!” Screamed Rowen. When the dirt cleared a half buried Ryo lay unconscious on the hard ground. The chain around his neck gone. “Well that takes care of that.” Snickered Cale with amusement. The warlords disappeared. Sage ran to Ryo’s side checking for a pulse. “Is he gonna be okay?” Asked Yuli. Sage shook his head. “No!” Cried Yuli. Cye started to cry and Kento put his fist threw a tree. Rowen knelt beside Sage also checking Ryo’s vitals. He looked up at Sage questing. Sage winked at him before Rowen could say anything. “This is all my fault. Ryo couldn’t transform and it’s my fault. Now he’s dead.” Yuli cried. “What do you mean, Yuli?” Asked Cye placing his hand on the boys shoulder. Yuli sniffled. “I had his orb,” he confessed pulling the crystal from his pocket. Rowen took the orb from Yuli and placed it in Sage’s hand. “Thanks Brat.” Said Sage “What?!?” Yuli startled. “I have it Ryo.” Sage handed the orb to the fallen Warrior. “Thank you Sage,” Said Ryo as he stood. “I was getting a little tired of laying there.” “You…you’re not Dead! You tricked me.” The boy accused. “That’s right Yuli. And now for one more trick.” Ryo smiled. Yuli was about to charge the larger boy when he noticed Cye tightening his grip on his shoulder. Yuli looked up at the faces of the other Ronins. All had evil gleams in their eyes. Except for Rowen. “What are you going to do?” His voice was full of fear. ~Latter~ “Oh now I understand,” exclaimed Rowen as his genius brain computed why they had trick Yuli. “But one thing I don’t get?” “What’s that.” Asked Kento. “If Mia and all of you were in on it, then how come no one told me?” Everyone gowned. “Because you didn’t get up in time.” Said Ryo. “Ha ha.” Rowen glumly walked ahead of the others. “You know,” he said coming to a stop, “I feel sorry for the Warlords, even if they’re are enemy.” Everyone agreed. “Someone shut that Kid Up!” Cried Talpa. “I can’t take it anymore.” A black portal opened above the Ronins. They stopped walking as a boy dropped through. He was bound in black cords and a bag covering his head. There was a note attached to his shirt. Ryo bent down and read the note: We are delivering this nuisance back to you courtesy of Master Talpa, with a little surprise. Anubis “A surprise?” Wondered Cye. “What’d they do, rig the kid to blow up when we untie him?” Joked Kento. Ryo pulled the bag off Yuli’s head. “I think you guys need to look at this.” Said Ryo. Concerned the others gathered around. A moment of shocked silence and then roar laughter erupted. Stamped to Yuli’s forehead were the words: Won’t speak till X-mass curacy of the Warlords. Mia laid a large bowl of Spinach in front of Yuli. “Now eat ever bite, dear. I don’t want to hear a single world of protest.” She giggled. Yuli glumly eat his spinach mentally mumbling to himself the hole time. The End