"Feelings" Chapter 2After school…
"Hey, over here." Kento called to the girls. "Hi." The girls replied enthusiastically as they run to them. "We better get going." Sage said with a smirk on his face. "Yeah!" they all reply as they jumped into the van. As they near the house the sky flashed quickly and stopped. "Huh?!" Sage mused. "What’s wrong, Sage?" Winter asked in a concern
voice. "Nothing. I guess I kinda spaced out." Sage said as he turned his focus back on the road. "Okay." Winter said as she slumped back onto the seat. Sage parks the car and Mia comes out. "Hey, guys." Mia said as she sprinted to the van. "And these are…" she trailed off. "New classmates." Sage explained. Suddenly, black clouds covered the bright blue sky. " Hn." Ryo mused as he saw the sky turn into a dark shade of gray. Tin soldiers
came into view and the boys’ muscles tensed. "Dynasty Soldiers." Sage murmured under his breath. A tin soldier attacked Ryo, but he quickly dodges the move. Then there were more tin soldier moving in. "Oh, shit! We can’t transform in front of them." Cye whispered. A soldier lunged towards Mia, but Anna jumped in and did a tornado kick to the soldier. Black gas rose from the empty armor. "Get inside now Mia!" Anna
commanded looking at her. The boys’ eyes were as wide as saucers and Mia’s mouth dropped. "Stop staring and get goin’ Ronin Warriors." Anna told them. "How…how…" Ryo stammered as he found his voice again. "We’ll explain later." Amy promised as busting another soldier. The ronins put on their sub-armors and smoked all of the soldiers with a few quick blows. They powered down and turned to look at the girls. "How… Who are you?" Ryo asked eyeing Anna. Anna breathes out a heavy sigh. "Ryo of the Wildfire, heir of the Sanada clan, I Anna Koon is sent here to help you. We are here by the mission of the Ancient to help you, Prince Ryo." Anna replied as she got down on one knee. "Na…Nani?!"
was the answer that she heard for the boys. "P…Prince?!" Ryo stammered as he backed a little. "Yes the Ancient sent us here to help you and protect you from harm." Anna said still kneeling. "Please stand up and look at me." Ryo said walking closer to Anna. "Yes." Anna replied and she stood up and looked at him. "Please explain when we get inside. Alright?" Ryo said as he tugged her into the house. The others quickly followed. Each
girl explained what they were doing here, why, and who they are. "I understand now." Ryo said relieved that they weren’t pulling any tricks. "But we still can hit you boys when you get on our nerves, okay." Amy warned. "Well do you have anywhere to stay?" Mia asked. "No." the girls replied. "Well there’s extra beds in each of the boys room," Mia said. "Is that fine with you boys." "Yeah." They responded. "Mia led them to each of the boys room. And told the girls where their bed is. "Will there be anymore of those tin cans." Sage asked Winter. "Well, no. Those are the last ones." Winter replied. "They’re
just the remnants of Talpa’s empire." Kimberly said. "What do you guys want for dinner?" Mia asked. "Sushi!" they chimed. "With no fish." Cye smiled. "Why don’t we help you out for dinner." Anna suggested. "But, you’re our guest." Mia replied. "I want to show my gratitude for what you have done for us." Anna said smiling slightly. "So, little lady knows how to cook, eeehhh?" Kento teased as he leaned over the couch. "Damare!" Anna shot back giving a sinister death glare towards Kento. "You dimwit you should know better than to make Anna angry." Winter warned as she slapped Kento hard
on the back, which caused him to trip over the sofa and fall on his face. Everyone sweatdropped. "I guess I slapped him a little bit to hard. He-he." Winter said half laughing. "You speak nihongo?" Ryo asked as he cocked an eyebrow. "Hai!" the girls replied. "Well, let’s get to work girls." Anna said. "Yeah!" the four girls replied. A delicious aroma filled the room. "Smells good." Kento said licking his lips. Then White
Blaze walks into the room and made its way to the kitchen. "Hey, wait White Blaze, don’t go in there! You’re gonna scare the girls." Ryo said chasing after White Blaze. The girls turned around. The tiger growls and walks forward. Anna walks towards White Blaze and said, "Are you hungry? Here’s some of your food." Anna smiled gently and placed a bowl right in front of White Blaze. White Blaze goes to the bowl and starts eating from it. Anna gently pats White Blaze. Ryo ran into the kitchen. "WAIT ANNA!" Ryo said running towards Anna. Anna turns around after hearing her name being shouted. "Huh? Konnichiwa, Ryo." Anna said standing up. "Hey, how come White Blaze didn’t try to attack you guys?" Ryo asked Anna puzzled. "What do you want him to attack us?" Winter asked giggling. "No,
but it’s because he attacks those he doesn’t know." Ryo replied. "A beast only bears its fangs at its enemies. They are true to their feelings." Anna told Ryo and patted White Blaze. White Blaze purrs and rubs its head against Anna’s leg. She smiles and
returns to her work. Ryo was stunned by he brief speech. He looked at her. "She looks so pretty when her eyes light up or when she smiles." Ryo thought. "What am I thinking." Ryo thought as he finally noticed that he had been staring at her for three minutes ,br>straight. He blushed furiously and went out the door.Author’s notes: Like, Hate it tell me and I’ll try to improve them okay? ~_^ E-mail me at _ HYPERLINK mailto:WingKitty2000@yahoo.com __WingKitty2000@yahoo.com_.