Chapter 1
"Breakfast!" Cye shouted as he put the plates on the table.
"Yeah!" Kento said as he runs down the stairs with his stomach rumbling loudly. Ryo, Sage, Rowen, and Mia come downstairs and settles down at the table. "Pancakes. Anyone?" Cye asked as Kento grabs the plate of pancakes and gobbles it down like water.
"Sheesh, Cye. Youíre lucky that Kento didnít bite off your hand." Sage said as a smirk starts to curl up at the corner of his mouth.
"Oh, yeah!" Kento shot back as he threw a waffle in Sageís face. "Aaaarrrrgghhhhh!" Sage
fumed as he picked up a pancake and threw it in Kentoísí face.
"FOOD FIGHT!" Kento declare as he flings his pancake at Rowenís dierction.
WHHAAAAAPPPP!!! It has landed right on Rowenís hair.
" Why I outtaÖ" Rowen fumed as he threw his toast at Kento but missed and hit Cye. While the four boys were food fighting, Ryo and Mia sat there with big sweatdrops on their
heads as they drank their milk. Ryo stood up and bang his fist on the table. The boys stopped. Kento was about to pour his orange juice over Cyeís head and Sage and Rowen was in a process of smashing pancakes and waffles in each otherís faces.
"Guys are we going to go to school or fight?" Ryo calmly said. The boys slumped down onto their chairs and all five went to the bathroom.
"GIVE ME THAT GOD DAMN COMB, KENTO!" Sage bellowed. Ryo rolled his eyes. They all piled
out within five minutes. "Nice timing," Ryo said sarcastically as he flings his backpack over his
shoulders. "Ready?"
"Yeah." They replied. They jumped into the jeep and zoomed away.
Sage parks the car and everyone jumps out.
"Hey, Ryo." A few girls said as they passed by.
"Hi." Ryo replied as he plastered on a fake smile.
"Is that how you attract girls?" Kento asked slyly as he elbows Ryo in the ribs. KLONK! POW! BOOM! THUD!
"Ow, what was that for Ryo?" Kento asked rubbing his poor aching head.
" You know why, so shut up. Come on letís get to class." Ryo said as he sprinted to the door. They walked into their classrooms and slumped down on their seats. The bell rings and the teacher brings in five Chinese girls.
"Class we have five new students from Brooklyn Tech. Well letís give them a round of applause and welcome them to Styvasent." The teacher said as the class applauded. "Girls, please introduce yourselves." "My name is Anna." Said the girl with long, straight, black hair and brown eyes.
"Anna your seat is next to Ryo Sanada." The teacher said pointing at the empty seat next to Ryo.
"Thank you. " Anna said as she quietly slumped into the chair and started unpacking.
"Hi, my name is Ryo. Welcome to our school." Ryo said.
"Hi." Anna replied and she turned back to unpacking.
"My name is Winter." Said a girl with a long black hair tied back with a blue scrunchie. "Winter, your seat is right in front of Sage." The teacher said pointing at the seat in front of Sageís.
" My name is Kimberly." Introduced a girl with shoulder length black hair.
"Kimberly, your seat is in back of Mr. Cye Mouri over there." The teacher said pointing at the seat behind Cyeís.
"My name is Amy." A girl with short black hair introduced. "Amy, your seat is next to Kento." The teacher told Amy as she pointed at the seat. "My name is Carmen." Introduced a girl with medium length, black hair.
"Carmen, your seat is in front of Rowen." The teacher said as she pointed at the seat. "Ok, now letís start class." The teacher declared as a few students groan. LunchtimeÖ "Hey, donít you think those girl are nice." Kento said.
"This is a miracle! Kento can actually think." Sage exaggerated. "Anyway, I have to agree with Kento for once."
"Why donít we invite them over for lunch." Ryo suggested smiling. "Thatís good idea." the boys agreed.
"Hey girls over here." Kento said waving his arms motioning for them to come over. The five girls walked over there and said, "Hi."
" Would you like to join us?" Ryo asked smiling at the girls.
"Sure" they answered.
"Itís really nice of you to invite us over for lunch." Anna said smiling sweetly at Ryo.
"Well, I just think you girls would be lonely here." Ryo replied looking at Anna. "Well, thank you for inviting us." Anna said as she got out of the chair and made a quick bow. "Oh, no!" Carmen said. "Weíre gonna be late for class."
"Well, gotta go." Kimberly said.
"See ya later." Anna said as she waved good-bye to the boys. The others girls mimicked what Anna was doing and ran to the door.
"Wait, why donít you girls come over to our house." Ryo and Cye said at the same time. "Why, not." The girls replied and smiled at them.
"I have to admit that Cye looks so cute." Kimberly said looking at her four friends.
"Yeah, those guys are really nice." Winter piped in.
"They donít look bad either." Amy chimed.
"Well I guess we enjoyed ourselves didnít we?" Carmen said as a smirk slowly curved at the corner of her mouth.
"But, donít forget about our mission." Anna said looking serious. "Yeah." The four girls replied.
Authorís Notes: Like, dislike it. I know they are a bit out of character. Flame me if you want to but donít be too harsh. KK. Thereís more to come. E-mail me at WingKitty2000@yahoo.com .