Episode 20: Behind the Mask
by Anna of Star Wildfire

(Annaís voice) After I was reborn to be warrior again, I have my memory back but half of it. I wish I
had time to find whatís happen in four years ago. It seems like itís missing past of me. I donít know why but it felt like Iím in somewhere dark and cold. I donít want tell Ryo or others about that. I really
want to tell Ryo about it so badly but I fear that Ryo donít love me anymore. Why? Because I was
once Talpaís warlord. And I fear that darkness is still inside me.

Flash! A 14-year-old girl wears ugly mask. Flash! "Whatís this mask lead me to?" Flash! The lightÖ
Flash! The mask breaks in half. Flash! Pain, blood, darkness.. Evil is gone.. Disappeared. Lost
memory. Canít rememberÖ

Sage nodded that his sister isnít talk since the magic ring. He remembers she say sheíll explain later

"Anna, will you please explain now?" said Sage.

Anna looks at him and spoke.

"Since nobody isnít chose Tsuki, Iíll take itís place." Said Anna.

"You mean you protect my armor?" said Keda.

"Yes and I make our foes think Iím the one." Said Anna.

"Oh! Youíre very sly! You sure know how to make foes confused!" said Keda.

"Yes. Do I?" said Anna.

Boys are clueless and speechless.

"What the?" said Kento.

"Well, brain boy?" said Sage.

"I think they talk something weird in girl codeÖ." Said Rowen.

"Remember guys, women are full of mystery and very sly!" said Anna, giggle.

"Yeah!" said Keda, giggle.

"Itíll take ya awhile to figure that out!" said Anna.

When she turn her back, somebody call her.

"AAANNNNNNAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!" said a female voice.

A shadow quick hugs Anna. Everybody except Eric shocked and fell down.

"Oh, hi, Wingblade.. Please donít do it in front of guys." Said Anna, sweatdrops.

Eric is standing. He didnít shock or something. He blushing. He never saw a beautiful girl with wings
and tails. She look like she came from Disneyís Gargoyles when Eric was little to watch this show but
she is more human than gargoyle.

"If you need help, I can help ya." Said Sage.

"SSAAAAGGGEEE!!!!" said Eric, hit Sage.

"Ow! Maybe that girl is going save me from that evil boy!" said Sage.

"Why you little!!!!" said Eric.

Everybody is sweatdrops as they watch Sage and Eric fighting.

"Are they twin?" said Wingblade.

"No. Oh, bother!" said Anna, walking and zap at two boys.

They freeze and canít move.

"Whatís happen? How come I canít move?" said Sage.

"Nice going! You make our sister mad!" said Eric.

"Sister? You mean.." said Wingblade.

"Yup. Thatís right. That dark haired is my twin brother. And the weirdo is my brother too.." said

"Weirdo?! Why, Iíll get ya!!!" said Sage, try to move but the only thing he can is wiggle his fingers.

"Just try and get me." Said Anna, unfreeze Eric.

"Hey! Whatís about me?!" said Sage.

"Ok. But I warn ya!" Said Anna, unfreeze Sage.

"Yes! HeyÖ Why I talk slow?" said Sage.

"Like I say, try and get me!" said Anna.

"Why you!" said Sage, try to run but running slowly.

"I think the snail always pass Sage." Said Kento.

"Why you!" said Sage, going to hit Kento, but hitting slowly.

His hand touches Kentoís cheek.

"Thatís tickle. What are you do? Tickle me to death?" said Kento.

"Gggrrrr!!! Anna!!!! Undone what you done!" said Sage.

Everybody canít help but laughing when Sage talk very slowly. Wingblade laughing so hard enough she fell.

"Oh, Anna! Youíre so funny! Youíre really good with humor!!" said Wingblade.

"Humor is my game." Said Anna.

Sage tries to pull her hair but seem tag her hair.

"Sage, donít get mad. Anna try to cheer us up." Said Rowen.

"Yeah, rightÖ" said Sage.

Dark Red look at Terry who sitting peace.

"Mother?" said Dark Red.

"Yes, dear?" said Terry, look at her.

"When you use Annaís DNA to make of me, is there something that Anna fear of me?" said Dark Red.

Terry looks at her and smile.

"Yes. When you touch her, sheíll become part of you." Said Terry.

"Whatís you mean, Mom?" said Dark Red.

"I mean youíre Annaís dark side. When you touch her, your form will change and youíll more powerful than Talpa!"

"Wow! Whatís Iíll look like?"

"Beautiful but danger."


"Yes, dear?"

"I want Anna!"

Outside of the room where Terry and Dark Red are, Nick was shocked. He fears that the time is
coming. Very soon.

"I miss you so badly! Image that! Youíre gone too long!" said Wingblade, never let Anna go.

"Hey, Iím in one piece.. Thanks to Ryo who saved me." Said Anna.

"Ryo?" said Wingblade.

"Thatís me!" said Ryo, waving at Wingblade.

"Oh yeah!" said Anna, slap herself.

"My rudeness. Ryo is my soulmate." Said Anna.

"Really? Do the others have name too?" said Wingblade.

"Iím Keda."

"Iím Rowen."

"Kentoís the name."

"Mine is Cye."

"Iím Sage."

"You know me before, do you?" said Sea.

"Yes. Your name is Sea, right?" said Wingblade.


"This is my tiger, White Blaze." Said Ryo, petting White Blaze.

"And her name is Tiger Lily." Said Anna.

They look at her, clueless.

"Whoís Tiger Lily?" said everybody.

Anna is going say a word but sheís shock. Her eyes went big.

"Oh no!!" said Anna, looking around.

"I hope we didnít leave her behind!!!!!" said Anna.

"You mean a white tiger with green eyes?" said Urk.

"Yes! Thatís right! Where she is?!" said Anna.

"I saw her walking away while you fighting and she disappeared." Said Urk.

"Gee I wonder why. She want to see White Blaze but disappeared before meet him?" said AnnaÖ

"Hey, where is Keda?" said Rowen, looking around.

"Oh! Youíre so cute!! Enough make me want have you!" said Keda, hugging Urk.

Everybody fell down.

"Wait until you see baby unicorns!" said Anna.

"Really??" said Keda.

"The nests are inside the rose garden." Said Anna.

"Why rose garden?" said Keda.

"To keep safe. I fear when I tell you why, youíll be shock and sad." Said Anna.

"Why you let me tell human whatís happen?" said Wingblade.

"Yes. Please." Said Anna.

"Let me guess. Is that unicorn-eater cats?" said Ryo.

Annaís and Wingbladeís jaws touch the ground.

"How you know that?!" yell two girls, freaking out.

"Did you tell him that?!" said Wingblade.

"No! I didnít! Thatís way too scary!!!" said Anna.

Everybody is sweatdrops, speechless.

"I didnít mean to scare you but the dream told me everything. Thatís how I found Anna." Said Ryo.

"Oh, mom, you didnít?!" said Anna.

"What?" said Eric.

"But Mom didnít have power or something!" said Sage.

Sea hit Sage with the 10 feet fan.

"She mean Rainbow!" said Sea.

"Sorry about that. My girl is losingÖ" said Cye.

"I think I know why she call mom and dad. Because they raising her!" said Ryo.

"Wow.. Your dream sure told you everythingÖ" said Wingblade..


The call makes everybody expect Anna went flew by the strong wind.

"Windy!!!!" said Anna.

They saw a dragon flying. It hard to tell because the dragon is flying where the Sun is.

"Black Fire!!!" said Kento, running but the boys hold him.

"Windy!!!" said Anna.

When the dragon land, Anna was running to her.

"Good to see you." Said Urk.

The dragon is so beautiful. Her scales are red. Ryo never saw a dragon is red before.

"Princess Anna, weíre so happy to see that youíre alive. Which human saved your life?" said Windy.

Everybody point at Ryo.

"Thank you so much. I have a question." Said Windy.

"Yes?" said Ryo.

"If you have trouble with Anna, I can help you if you donít know woman." Said Windy.

Everybody fell down.

"Windy.." said Anna, start water up.

"Ok. Enough of chant. We need to go to the castle before nightfall." Said Windy.

"Good idea.. Iím tired. Canít wait to hit the bed.." Said Anna.

"Me too." Said Keda, yawning.

They heard the roar, which make others full awoke.

"Oh, goodie!!! My clans are waking!!" said Wingblade.

"Clans? You mean your family?" said Eric.

"Yes." Said Wingblade.

"Come on, guys. Letís go. We need our rest." Said Ryo.

It takes awhile to walking to the castle.

"Are we here?" said Kento.

"For million times, no!" said Sage.

"Youíre wrong. Weíre here." Said Anna.

"See?!" said Kento.

"Oh, be quiet." Said Sage.

"Iím going to make the beds for ya." Said Anna.

"Do you need help?" said Ryo.

"Naw. I use my magic to make the beds." Said Anna.

"Oh." Said Ryo.

"Will you please show guys around here?" said Anna.

"Iíll. Come with me." Said Urk.

They are following Urk.

"Iíll call ya when itís ready!" said Anna. (Annaís voice) I donít want the girls sleep in same room where I sleep. I fear that the darkness is
take over me and kill the girls while I sleep. So thatís will good idea to sleep alone. I know I hate to
be lonely but I have to. I donít want this darkness takes over me. I need two more armors and then
Iíll be free from darkness. The only armor that can free me from darkness called Angel Inferno. But
whereís other two armors are? I use my magic to make the beds for guys. Itís not same beds like on
Earth. Itís different bed. It has huge pillow enough for people to sleep on it. I have special animal in
Unicornsland, called the silk worm. He is huge as two story of building. I use his silk to make blanket
that will keep us warm. After that, I call everybody that the beds are ready. Urk and I showed their

Ryo and White Blaze will sleep in the room that next by my room. Rowen and Sage will sleep in the
room that next by Ryoís room. Cye and Kento will sleep in the room that next by Rowenís and
Sageís room. Keda, Sea and Wingblade will sleep in the room that next by Cyeís and Kentoís room.
Eric will sleep in the room that next by Cyeís and Kentoís room. I kissed Ryo to good night.

Somebody laughs evil. She is huge and scary looking. She looks like sheís more monster than human.
The blood is on her hand. Keda saw that all her friends are lying. They have lots of blood all over
their body. Ryo wearing his Inferno armor but it look like it was torn. Something that makes Kedaís
heart stops beating. Rowen! He stands and the blood comes out of his wound.

"Rowen!!" said Keda, ran to him but went through him like a ghost.

"What?" said Keda.

"Dark Red! Leave Annaís soul to us! Why you need her soul?!" said Rowen.

"WellÖ" said Dark Red, licking the blood off her hand.

"Anna have darkness inside her heart, which mean when she was 10 year old and died in the battle of
Terry. About a year later, Talpa bought her to live but order the evil spirits to go inside her heart. And
now, with Anna, Iím more powerful than Talpa!" said Dark Red, laughing evil.

"You know how much we loved her!! She helped us to fight in the battle! And she told us things that
we missed! And when you steal Annaís soul, itís torn my girlfriendís heart! Her friendship with Anna
are very strong and how dare you steal her away from her?!" said Rowen.

Girlfriend? Oh, please, donít let it to be another girl.. Thought Keda.

"Are you forgot something?! Annaís dead and your girlfriend, Keda is always dead!" said Dark Red.

Keda gasped and saw her other self is laying on the ground, dead.

"And soon, youíll join her and your friends!" said Dark Red, ran to Rowen.

Her speed is too fast for Rowen to move out of the way. Her claws went through Rowenís belly. The
blood came out of his mouth when he was in shocked.

"Rowen!!!!!!!!!" yelled Keda.

She gasped and woke up. She hopes that she didnít wake Sea up but she sleeps like a baby.

"Whatís that dream mean? Is it warning of danger?" said Keda, in her soft voice.

"Why Dark Red want Annaís soul so badly?" said Keda.

"So she can be more powerful than Talpa."

"Whose say that?" said Keda, looking around.

Keda gasped when she saw two glow green eyes in the dark.

"Whatever you are, Iím not let you to harm my friends." Said Keda.

"Hmm.. Whatís make you think Iím going to hurt your friends?"

Something walking over where the moonlight is. Keda saw a white tiger that look like White Blaze
but have green eyes. Keda remember Anna ask where Tiger Lily is.

"Is your name Tiger Lily?" said Keda.

"Yes, but youíll call me TL for short." Said Tiger Lily.

"I have no idea that you can talk. I mean itís weird."

"Wait. If you can talk, how come White Blaze canít talk?" said Keda.

"I have no idea why. I need to see Anna." Said Tiger Lily, walking out of the room.

"Wait!" said Keda.

But Tiger Lily is gone. Sea yawned.

Everybody expect Anna is sleeping like babies. Anna is in the huge library. It has six hallways. The
bookcases have almost 20 bookshelves. Anna sitting on the magic floating chair. Anna is reading fat
old book. When she rest her eyes, she look down and feel dizzy. Her face turns into white like a

"Anna! Donít look down when you have fear of height!" said Anna, told herself and hang on the chair
like if she is going to fall.

Anna slaps out of it and takes the book back to the bookshelf. She remembers the time before she
was reborn as warrior, Ryo have white armor, but seems disappeared in middle of battle. (thatís part
came from The New Battle Reborn episode 10 in just case you forget it. - author)

"Is that armor key of winning the battle? Or war?" said Anna, rubbing her chin with her finger, then
touch her lips.

"If Iím right, this white armor may be Inferno Armor. HmmÖ"

Anna thinking for awhile.

"The gangs give their power to Ryo. Thatís may be key to have Inferno but itís look like it need
something. Could it need my power?" said Anna.

"Thatís doubt."

"YupÖ" said Anna.

Her eyes went wide and start freak out. She jumps off the chair.

"Whoís say that?!" said Anna.

"I did."

Anna look downs and found out that she isnít sitting on flying chair anymore, sheís on her own.

"AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!" sceaming Anna, falling.


Anna watching the floor is getting close. Somebody caught her before she hit the floor. Anna looked
up and saw Eric.

"Are you alright?" said Eric.

"Yes and no." said Anna.


"Please donít touch me like that."

Eric look downs and saw his hand is laying one of Annaís chests. Tons of blood came out of his nose
and moved his hand.

"And put me down before your blood is all over meÖ" said Anna.

Eric did. Anna gave him the towel. Eric quick takes it and covers his nose.

"Look like itís boysí weaknessÖ" said Anna.

"If Ryo accident touch that spot, heíll bleeding to death!" said Eric.



"Whatís happen to the white towel?"

Eric looks at the red towel and sweatdrop. Few minute laterÖ

"Finish?" said Anna.

"I think so." Said Eric.

His nose stopped bleed.

"Ten minutes of nose bleedingÖ Wow.. That gotta be New World recordÖ" said Anna.

"Anna? Can I ask you something?" said Eric.

"Yes?" said Anna.

Eric moving his fingers, blush.

"Yes??" said Anna, moving close.

Eric is still blushing and moved his head in other way.

"Yes?!" said Anna, pop a vein.

"UmmÖ" said Eric, turn his back, still blushing.

"I canít help you if ya tell me!!!!!" yelled Anna.

Her yelling make Ericís hair moving like heís outside when itís windy. Eric looks at her when sheís
breathing hard.

"Are you finish?" said Eric.

"Yes!!!!" yelled Anna, waving her arms madly.

Her yelling make Ericís hair moving like the weather is windy, again.

"Good thing that the door is sound proofÖ" said Eric.

"Just go ahead says it!!!" said Anna, pop lots of veins.

"I like to get know of Wingblade.." said Eric.

Her eyes look like two tiny dots. Her face looks so funny. Few hairs straight out.

"That is serious question?" said Anna, canít believe it with her ears. (well, since Anna is deaf and
sheís lip-reader, so Iíll rather say, "canít believe it with her eyes". Ė author)

"Yes. And I want to know her past." Said Eric.

Annaís face return back normal.

"Are you sure? Her past is painful." Said Anna.

"Whatís happen?" said Eric.

"Her mother is human and her father is gargoyle. Thatís how Wingblade look like human and gargoyle
at a time. The village where her mother live, is Wingbladeís home. The people thought Wingblade is
evil. They want kill her when she was little. Her mother died from protects her. Wingbladeís father
saved her. And the sad part isÖ" said Anna.

"What?" said Eric.

"That she hate humans since they kill her mother in front of her."

"But, youíre human." Said Eric.

"I know but Wingblade say that Iím immoral." Said Anna.

"Why she think like that?" said Eric.

"I have no idea. Just donít try have crush on her." Said Anna.

Anna gasped when she saw something flash. It reminds her somethingÖ.

:: Flashback::

"Talpa!" said Anna.

She looks like sheís 14 year old. Her outfit looks like Kayuraís fighter outfit. (the one from RW TV
shows) But her cloth is pink.

"Ssshhh! Quiet! Weíre in middle of meeting!" said Anubis.

"Hold that thought, Anubis. Whatís your plan, Lady Anna?" said Talpa.

"Since Ronins defect one of your soldiers, I know a spell that will give warlords a chance to kill
Ronins and will give you the armors." Said Anna.

"Master! Donít listen to teenagerís plan! Itís not going work out!" said Anubis.

"It is!!!!" said Anna.

Anubis and Anna shoot a sure kill look at each other. Everybody is sweatdrop. They know Anubis
and Anna arenít get together very well. Talpa thinking for a minute.

"I like that plan!" said Talpa.

"You do?" said Anna and Anubis.

"Yes. Whatís kind of spell you know of, Lady Anna?" said Talpa.

"Yes." Said Anna.

Before she says something, Anubis cut her.

"Your master! You canít! What if sheís on Roninsí side?!" said Anubis.

Anna is very mad. Talpa know the looks.

:: Do it now when somebody stand in your way, teach them a lesson they never forget.:: Thought

Anna is smiling. She knows warlords canít hear Talpaís thought. She walking closes and slowly
reaches Anubisís neck, then gasp his neck. Anubis was in shocked.

"Master! Make her stop!" said Anubis.

"I canít. If you stand in her way, things will get mess." Said Talpa.

"You know what? Time for meal." Said Anna licked her lips.

Anubis feels the coldness slowly raising his body. She steals his heatness!

"Lady Anna is daughter of Sun Goddess. If she is evil, sheíll drink any heatness from the body." Said

Cale think of something, fast. Then he has idea.

"Lady Anna! Maybe you do that later! You may start doing the spell before Ronins make a move!"
said Cale.

Anna looks at him. Heís right. She needs to start now.

"Ignore him. Finish what you going." Said Talpa.

"Heís right. I need to start. This spell take long time." Said Anna, threw Anubis in front of warlords.

"Somebody want stand in my way?" said Anna.

Warlords quick shake their heads.

"Very well." Said Anna.

"If your plan work, Iíll let you go to fight against Ronins." Said Talpa.

"Thank you. Before I go, I want to know whatís Ronins look like so I wonít got mess up." Said

Warlords were speechless. Talpa may get mad at her when she say that butÖ Seem cool.. Maybe he
doesnít want her get mess up.

The screen on the wall starts glowing. The picture has blonde haired boy wearing green subarmor and
the other boy is blue haired wearing blue subarmor.

"Their names are Sage of Halo and Rowen of Strata." Said Talpa.

The picture changed and it has redhead boy wearing light blue subarmor and gray haired boy wearing
orange subamor.

"Their names are Cye of Torrent and Kento of Hardrock." Said Talpa.

The picture changed again. It has dark haired boy wearing red subamor. Anna gasped. She never
saw a young man with tiger blue eyes. His smiling make Anna feel likeÖ.

"Hello? Lady Anna?? Dynasty to Anna, can you read me?" said Talpa.

"Oh, Iím sorry! I was studied their face so I can tell which one!" said Anna.

"His name is Ryo of Wildfire." Said Talpa.

"Thanks!" said Anna, give okay sign and running.

"I never saw a girl dying to fight RoninsÖ." said Dais.

When Anna finish the spell and want Talpa to use his power to take Ronins to their place where the
poem say, the boys are sleeping peace, but not so long.

"Lady Anna, your plan works. Iíll let you go to kill boys." Said Talpa.

"Thank you." Said Anna, bowed and disappeared.

"This is bad idea.." said Anubis.

Anna standing in the lava. She knows it wonít burn her or melt her. She loves the heat. Itís felt good.
Anna took one of her Star Heart the swords. It has picture on it. It has ruby Sun but it has star on it.
She walking to Ryo who sleeping peace. Anna raising her sword ups and ready to kill Ryo.. But
when Ryo turns his back. Anna gasped. She fears that he may wake up, but he didnít, still sleeping.
Anna raised her sword again and ready to kill. Thereís something inside Annaís body that she doesnít
know what it is. When she look at his face, it make her heart beating slowly. The feeling is growing
inside her. It means that feeling trapping the darkness in place so the goodness frees. Anna slowly
moved her face to close his face. She kissed him. A tear came out of her eyes. She didnít know that
her necklace is broke and it lay on Ryoís chest.

"Please help me.. Free me from darkness, Ryo of Wildfire." Said Anna, look at him for last time and

The one of Annaís Star Hearts sword starts glowing and went inside Ryoís body. The necklace
disappeared too, but itís still inside his body..

In few weeks later.

"Lady Anna." Said Talpa.

"Yes, master?" said Anna.

"When I fought against Ancient One, he made himself as the bridge to our world." Said Talpa.

"What?! How?!" said Anna.

"His powers are mystery. Ronins are on their way. And youíre only warrior I have left. Go and fight
Ronins. The warlords will stay out of your way." Said Talpa.

"Thank you." Said Anna, disappeared.

When Kento opened the huge gate, they gasped when everything is red and blue. They are screaming
while theyíre floating in unknown place. (that came from RW TV show when they faced Talpa for
first time.- author)

Ryo woke up and found himself in the dark in nowhere. He saw something moving. It looks like
cherry blooms but itís not. When it landed on Ryoís hand, he looked close, then smell it.

"What the? It smell like a rose." Said Ryo.

He saw lots of roses are flying. The air smell like roses.

"Ryo of Wildfire, the time is here."

Ryo gasped and look around.

"Whose say that?" said Ryo.

He never hears that voice before but it sound like a young woman.

"Look up."

Ryo looked up and saw a beautiful girl sitting on something that hard to see in the dark.

"Who are you?!" said Ryo.

When he looked at her, sheís look like a beautiful goddess, if sheís his new foe.

"Iím the one been sent to destroy you while you slept in volcano, but failed. And this time, it wonít
happen again!"

"Whatís your name?!" said Ryo.

He saw a red rose flying and lands on her hand. She rubbing the rose closes her cheek, like she loves

"Iím Lady Anna, one of Talpaís great warrior." Said Anna.

Anna jumped off and takes her sword out. Ryo jumped out of the way before Anna slice him. He
was shocked to see that her sword can cut the ground! Anna looked up and smiles.

"Thatís lucky move but it wonít least longer!" said Anna, attack Ryo.

Ryo blocked her attack with his swords. That girl.. She is so strong. Thought Ryo.

"Whatís the matter? Never meet with girl who is very strong?" said Anna.

Ryo gasped. Itís like she can read his thought! Anna hit Ryo and he flew across the place. His helmet
fell off when he landed. Ryo looks up and saw Lady Anna walking to him. His cheek is badly hurt.
While Anna walking, something went across her so fast. She gasped. It feels like something went
through her heart. Itís too painful enough makes her fell down. Anna panting so hard. She was in
shock. Lots of sweats are all over her face. Ryo have a chance. He took one of his swords out and
attack Anna. She watching Ryo and still panting hard.

:: End of flashback::

"Is Anna going be ok?!" said Ryo.

"I donít know! Her fever is too high!" said Rowen.

Anna lying on her bed. She breathing so hard and her body are shaking. Like sheís in pain.

"Keda, go and get the bowl of cold water and the cloth!" said Rowen.

Keda ran to get the stuff.

"Eric! Whatís happen to her?!" said Ryo.

"I donít know! While we talking, she looks like she saw a ghost and she started dizzy! Thatís when I
caught her before she collapsed!" said Eric.

"Darn it! Talpa!!" said Sage.

Everybody looked at him.

"Heís behind this! I know it!" said Sage.

"No! Youíre wrong!" said Sea.

"Who?" said Cye.

"Terry! She want kill Anna so badly!" said Sea.

Everybody gasped and looks at Anna.