Episode 19: Sun and Thunder come together

By Anna of Star Wildfire

Author's note: I don't own Keda. She belongs to Sailor Eos. (Keda) I was surprised that her character is witch and warrior of hope. Same thing to my character, Anna. 0.o;;
Almost like we're in twilight zone. We become good e-mail pals. If you nodded she use my character in her stories, it's ok for her and it's ok for her when I add her character to my stories. And again, I don't own Keda. All other characters are belong me. Their armors are belong me too. One thing, RW boys are not belong me. I'm going kick Yuli and Mia out because I hate kid-who-can't-stop-whine and
Miss-Mia-who-won't-change-her-clothes. Yuck. My character Anna knows all poems and legend She doesnít need look up on the computer. Ok... That's all I say. Enjoy!

(Keda's voice) I'm Keda Ten'ou. I have strange vision. I don't know whatís it meant. I know I want to find the answers but I am looking for my long lost friend, Rowen.

Everything are so dark, enough can't see the light. She saw an angel. She can't see her face. It's so dark but angel's wings is bright. Lots of feathers that came from angel's wing are flying. Then the angel disappeared, feathers too. Keda saw white dots lots of them. Star? Is that mean I'm in galaxy? Thought Keda. She looks around. It's so beautiful. Thought Keda. She felt something pull her, too hard and too fast. Keda saw the Sun. She afraid she'll got killed if she didn't stop. Keda saw a big spot on the Sun. Is it Sun spot? Thought Keda. No, it's... moon? She was surprised to see it take her to mysterious
moon. The bright light appeared, cause Keda cover her eyes. And it stopped. Keda uncover her eyes and gasped. The wind blow at tall grasses. It's so beautiful. Thought Keda. She saw a horse, no itn't horse. It's unicorn. A shadow passes Keda. She look ups and saw flying unicorn. She hears a voice, beautiful voice. "A moon where all unicorns live, safe from unicorn hunters. We unicorns protect people from illness, to help them get through it." It sounds like a poem. Everything stopped.

Keda gasp and woke up. She didn't dream of unicorns for long time. She loves unicorns so much, almost real. And the voice? Is that angel's voice? Keda sigh. She wants to find Rowen and why she has those dreams? Is it clue to find Rowen? Lots of questions are unanswered.

Anna kicks at Black Fire. He spat fireball at her but Anna uses her magic to make the shield.

"I don't understand why our attack can't work on Black Fire." said Kento.

"It seem the magic work." said Eric.

Ryo is still out. Sage moves his arm around him.

"How's Ryo?" said Cye.

"He's tired. Ryo's resting." said Sage.

Anna threw the fireballs at Black Fire. He ducks and spat fireball at her but she got out of
the way.

A beautiful black unicorn looks at the sky. He has rainbow mare and tail. His horn is purple.

"I promise White Fire, I'll bring a human will help you."

"But Urk! You can't! You must not go to Earth!" said female voice.

Urk look up and saw half gargoyle half-human flying and land in front of him. She has long blonde hair that reach all the way of her back and has red steak. Her wings and her tail
are green. She has long point eats. Her hair isn't normal, it's wild hair but she's beautiful. Her outfit looks like two pieces of bathing suit, but this's her clothes not bathing suits. She has green banded around her ankles and her wrists.

"I know but I need go to get her. That human is Rowen's friend and own a armor that may help Anna to fight, Wingblade." said Urk.

"But it's danger! You may go kill by hunters!" said Wingblade.

"Don't worry. That human will protect me. She love unicorns so much and it's time for her
to meet a true living unicorn."

"What's her name?"

"Keda of Tsuki." said Urk, disappeared.

Wingblade hold her hands.

"Oh, Princess Anna, please return home safely. Be careful." said Wingblade.

A tear came out of her eyes.

"It's almost five years and you didn't return home from the war of Terry. Please return
home. We need you...." said Wingblade.

A yellow armor is glowing. That's mean it found a person to chose. The person's name is

Keda walking outside. She can't stop thinking about her dreams. She want finds Rowen
so badly. A bright light appeared and stopped. Keda looks up and saw a beautiful
unicorn. She is so happy. She knew unicorns are real!

"I'm very happy that you believe in unicorns since your childhood. My name is Urk." said

"Can I?" said Keda.

"Yes." said Urk, know Keda want touch him.

Keda walk and touch him.

"Oh, you're soft." said Keda.

"Thank you but we'll talk about it later. We need you." said Urk.


"Ronin Warriors and Rowen."

Keda gasp.

"Rowen?" said Keda.

"I'll take you here. You still have the orb?" said Urk.

Keda reach her pokect. In her hand, purple orb with kanji of hope on it.

"Yes." said Keda.

"Hop on." said Urk.

"You mean..."

"Yes. Ride with me."

Keda smiled and walk to Urk. He lay on the ground so Keda can climb on him Urk raise.

"You ok?" said Urk.

"Yes." said Keda.

"Zr ar ur kr!!" said Urk.

Keda can't understand what he says but it sound like a spell. A purple ring appeared and
Urk went inside it.

"Hang on!" said Urk.

Keda felt like everything is so fast like Han hit the button and the ship flew so fast. (that
came from Stars War) It's almost like Keda left her heart on the ground. She try to reach
and hold Urk's neck but can't, too fast.

Few minute later, Urk stopped and standing.

"We're here." said Urk, then shock.

Keda fell and dizzy. The birds flying around her head.

"First time to ride through the ring?" said Urk.

"Yeah.... Is that Blue Jay?" said Keda, point at one of the birds.

Ryo woke up.

"Hey, Ryo? Are you ok?" said Sage.

"Yeah." said Ryo.

Anna's sword cut Black Fire's skin. Black Fire roar.

"What's was that?! said Keda.

"It's Black Fire!" said Urk.

"Black Fire?"

"He's evil dragon and work for Terry. All Terry do is destroys the hopes."

"What?!" said Keda.

"And Anna, the warrior of faith is going to fight against her but she need help." said Urk.

"You mean me?"

"Yes. You're warrior of hope. You two will fight against Terry and Talpa."

"What we waiting for?! Let's go!" said Keda, running.

Urk follow her.

Cye and Sea saw Anna.

"What's going on?" said Cye.

Before Eric answer, Black Fire's tail hit the ground, hard.

"Earthquake!" said Kento.

The grounds are spat in two. One is up and another one is down, then the ground came
apart, about 20 feet apart.

"Watch out!!" said Anna.

Cye hold Sea and move her out before the tree falls on her. Black fire laughing and keep
hit the ground with his tail lots, causing the earthquake get worse.


Rowen looks up and saw a girl and a unicorn. A tree is falling, going land on her.


"Keda!!" said Rowen, running fast and then push Keda and Urk out of the way.

Keda looks up and saw rowen.

"Rowen!" said Keda.

"Keda, are you alright?" said Rowen.

Before Keda answer, Rowen pulls her to him before the ground where Keda lay is
coming apart. Anna jumps out of the way as the tree land where Anna stood. This is only
way to stop him! Thought Anna.

"Waterball!!" said Anna.

The waterball came out of Anna's hand and it straight to Black Fire's mouth. He's

"Heartburn...." said Black Fire, then pass out.

The earthquake stopped.

"This is huge one!" said Sage.

"Chicken...." said Sea.

They saw Kento hold the tree, whining.

"Some warrior he is!" said Rowen.

"Somebody, stop the earthquake!" said Kento, crying like Serena.

"Now, you'll die." said Dark Red, crush Mia's and Yuli's pure heart.

"Well?" said Terry.

"Not here. Throw their bodies to the fire." said Dark red.

Troopers took Mia's and Yuli's bodies to the fire.

"So all the years, you looking for Rowen." said Anna.

"Yes." said Keda.

"What's kind of warrior are you? And your kanji?" said Cye.

"My kanji is hope and I'm Keda of Tsuki."

"Anna is hope warrior!" said Sage.

"Not anymore." said Anna.

They look at her.

"Why?" said Ryo.

"I'll explain later. We need go home. I need track down the armors." said Anna.

"About time! I want order the pizza!" said Kento.

Sea shoots a look at Kento. The pink ring appeared and others disappeared, the ring

"That's not home!" said Kento.

They're standing on the hill and saw a castle that lay on the top of hill. Everybody expects
Anna and Sea are shock to see that the rainbow touches the waterfall. Thatís why the
color water is same as rainbow color.

"Home sweet home." said Anna.

"You gotta out of your mind!" said Kento.

Sea slaps him.

"She isn't home for 6 years! Unicornsland need her!" said Sea.

"Unicornsland? Is that home of Unicorns?" said Keda.

"Yes. Home for Anna and me." said Urk.

The wind blow at Anna, make her hair moving. She looks up and saw a yellow flying
unicorn fly around. Mom, Dad, I'm home. Thought Anna.