Episode 18: The last hope by Anna of Star Wildfire

"What?!" said everybody.
"It's true!" said Cye.
White Blaze smelled where Anna disappeared. This scent is familiar but I can't remember who, Thought White Blaze.
Anna lay on the floor. She opened her blue and brown eyes, slowly. Her black hair lay on her back, a few strands fell over her shoulder. She still was wearing her subarmor. The glowing green eyes appeared. A candle lit mysteriously. The tiger watched her. "Who are you?" said Anna.
"I'm Tiger Lily. But you can call me TL for short."
Her voice linked in Anna's mind so she understood what Tiger Lily say.
"White Fire wants to see you." said Tiger Lily.
"White Fire?" said Anna.

"I don't want to lose her again." said Ryo.
"Black Fire did it." said Cye.
They looked at him, clueless.
"I think he works for Terry and Talpa." said Cye.
"I don't want something to happen to her!" said Sea.
"She is going be ok." said Cye.

Anna stood inside the circle of candles. The white dragon lay his gold eyes on Anna. "Princess Anna of Unicornsland, warrior of hope and faith, I need your help. I'm White Fire. Your armor is not powerful enough to defeat them but this armor." said White Fire. "So that's why my friends and me can't defeat Terry, right?" said Anna.

"We have to move on!" said Cye.
"What?!" said Ryo.
"I think Black Fire got her." said Cye.
Ryo biting his lip.
"You think so?" said Sea.
"Yes, I'm sure." said Cye, putting his hands on her shoulder.

"I'm sure they'll be coming." said Rowen.
"I'm glad Ryo is safe." said Kento.
"Yeah, or we're dead meat..." said Rowen.

"Do you have magic?" said White Fire.
"Yes." said Anna.
"Call your armor."
"Just do what I tell you."
"Armor of Star Wildfire Dan Jon!" said Anna, now wearing her armor.
"Are you left or right handed?" said White Fire.
"Right." said Anna.
"Then raise it."
Anna did. Then she felt the pain. It stopped but she felt hot around her fingers. It didn't hurt her 'cause she is a fire warrior. It stopped. She put her hand down slowly. She saw a ring. It was made of diamonds. It same thing as Anna's necklace, but it didn't have a flame, it has wings, one next to a star and another side.
"It's called 'winging star'." said White Fire.
"Reaching the star. This is mine! But it belonged to my angel." said Anna. "Aahh.. I see you know the poem." said White Fire.
Anna held her necklace.
"Thirsty of heat. Fire went through her blood. Fire and flames are everywhere." said Anna.
"Know what it mean?"
"volcano? No, but can it be the Sun?"
"Yes. Forget the gems and armors. I'll handle it. Trust me." said White Fire, laying his eyes on her again.
"They need you. Will you so a favor?" said White Fire.
"Yes?" said Anna.
"Will you free my brother, Black Fire?"
Anna knows him. When she was ten year old, she and her friends fought him. She lost her ponytail 'cause Black Fire breathed fire. That's how she has short hair. "Ok.." said Anna.

"Anna, be careful." said unicorn.
"She is going to be ok. Trust me." said another unicorn.
"How, Red Fire?"
"Rainbow, I love her too. She can take care of herself." said Red Fire.
"Ok." said Rainbow.

Evil troopers are guard.
"Ok. We'll sneak in without getting caught by them and take the others out of there. Any question?" said Ryo.
"We'll fight for the future and protect our love." said Ryo.
"That's what Rose says." said Sea.
"Don't worry about it, honey." said Cye, kissing her.
Ryo wished he had gone with Anna before she disappeared.
Ryo moved the leaf a little. He couldn't find Anna. She may be in the hut. Thought Ryo.

Thump! Anna landed on the ground with her body. Oh, my poor body! Thought Anna. Tiger Lily came out and landed on Anna.
"Ooohh..." said Anna.
Her face is all red from hitting it on the ground.
"Sorry about that." said Tiger Lily, got off and licked her.
"I'm not mad at you." said Anna, petting Tiger Lily.
"I thought you wanted to stay and protect White Fire." said Anna.
"He let me go. I want to see my brother."
"White Blaze."
Anna's eyes are wide with shock.

"Black Fire! We were under attack!" said trooper.
"Is Anna here?" said Black Fire.
"No. They freed the others."
"There's 7 warriors."
"One looks like Sage but his hair is black. And another one, she has blue hair." "Eric of Star Halo and Sea of Star Torrent. Darn! They're looking armors and gems too!" "Sigh. Ok.. Destroy them but bring Anna to me, alive." said Black Fire, laughing evilly.

"Buddy, where have you been?" said Rowen.
They were wearing their armors.
"Been busy." said Sage, killed troopers.
"Anna's not here!!" said Ryo.
"What?!" said Sage and Rowen.
"Storm of lighting!" said Eric.
His armor look like Sage's armor but jade. His sword was about 2 inches shorter than Sage's sword. The sky is full of clouds, then million of lighting bolts came out and killed many troopers at a time. Eric smiled and saw three boys stood in shock.
"Welcome to the team!" said the boys.
Eric laughing.
"Not bad for my first battle, huh?" said Eric.

In the middle of the woods.
"Your brother?" said Anna.
"I'll explain later. We have to catch the others." said Tiger Lily.
"You mean they need our help?"
"Come on!" said Tiger Lily, running.
Anna watched her and started running. Her long hair was flying in the air, like running in wind.

Ryo's twin katanas hit the trooper's weapon. He moved his second sword, right in the trooper's stomach. Smoke came out. He attacked other troopers. Ryo wondered where they hid Anna.

Tiger Lily and Anna ran out of the forest. Anna stopped and saw her friends and her brothers wearing their armor.
"Armor of Star Wildfire Dan Jon!" said Anna, wearing her armor. She took her twin katanas out of her back and join the others. The trooper hid in the tree raised his bow up and was really to strike. But a blaze went through his stomach. He fell off and caught Ronins' attention. They saw pink armor in a tree.
"Anna." said Ryo, happy.
"Miss me?" said Anna, jumping out of tree and landing. They saw a white tiger behind her.
"This is Tiger Lily. I'll explain. Come on. Don't want to miss the fun, huh?" said Anna. "I like this girl very much." said Kento.
"Where's Mia and Yuli?" said Anna.
"I don't know where they took them." said Rowen.
"I saw a black dragon. It seem like he planned this." said Cye.
"Black Fire." said Anna.
There was a long pause until Anna broke it.
"He used Mia and Yuli as bait. And we have to be careful. Because they may be planning a trap." said Anna.
Anna is very good at this. Maybe I'll let her take my place. Thought Ryo.
"Ryo? Ryo! Earth to Ryo, can you read me?" said Anna.
Ryo look up. She was standing in front of him.
"Oh, I was thinking." said Ryo.
"Don't blame yourself."
"How do you know?"
"Easy, hope."
Ryo look at her, clueless. Anna put her hands on his shoulders.
"A warrior can blame himself or herself but soon things will get better." said Anna. Ryo looked at her. She's right. He want go with her while she mysteriously disappeared. Blame himself but Anna is now ok and safe. He wanted to kiss her. It's so close. "Lovebirds." mummered Kento.
But Ryo stopped in mid air. Pain struck his left side. He collapsed but Anna caught him. She look up. Black Fire.
"Oops... Sorry." said Black Fire.
"You're pay for this!" said Kento, attack.
"Kento, wait!" said Anna.
But it was too late. The black fire was coming out of his throat and he spit it at Kento. He was hit and flew into a tree, then went through it.
"What kind of fire is that?!" said Sage.
"Dark fire. Our attack and our armor's power can't defeat him but magic can." said Anna.

"Armor of Torrent Dao Shin!" said Cye, now wearing his armor.
Cye drew his weapon. They were in the middle of the woods. He saw Sea still wearing her subarmor.
"Gem of Star Torrent!" said Sea.
She didn't look like she was in woods, but it looked like she was in the ocean. The water raised around her. (it's same thing as Sailor Neptune's transform) Cye watching the new transformation. The water around her. Toes to head. the water disappeared, leaving a light blue armor. Her armor covered her fins.
"Water dragon!" said Sea.
Cye saw the dragon behind her and moving, pass Sea, straight to the troopers. "Wow. What an attack." said Cye.
"It's not an attack, it's magic." said Sea.
Cye look at her.
"We'll talk later." said Sea.
Cye nodded. He liked her very much. They ran to find the others.

"Keep Black Fire busy!" said Anna.
The others nodded.
"And one thing, your attack can't defeat him." said Anna.
Ryo moaned from Anna's laps.
"Now." said Anna.
She was watching the others keep Black Fire busy. Ryo groaned again. Don't worry Ryo. I'll heal you. Thought Anna, touching his side and healed him.
She kiss Ryo on his forehead.
"You're going be ok." said Anna, putting Ryo down.
Anna look at Black Fire for long time.

A brown haired girl had the same dream. In her dream, she saw a girl. She is taller than her. She wore a funny outfit but Keda knew it's subarmor. A pink one. It's not a bad dream until later. The mysterious girl screamed in pain. Keda was surprised to see her pink subarmor was smashed like throwing the ball at the window. And it was coming apart. Keda tried to help her but she can't move. The girl lay on the ground, looking like she was going to die.
Keda gasped and woke up. She didn't know why she had that nightmare, almost a week. Keda looking for her long lost friend but a girl? Is she in need of her help? Or something? She sigh. Lots of questions about that girl are unanswered.

To be continued.....

Author's note: Keda of Tasuki is coming in next episode! I'll not tell you who she is until the next episode! ^^