Episode 17: Mermaid's love by Anna of Star Wildfire

A light blue haired girl stopped running at the dead end. The evil troopers were chasing her. She turn her back.
"I have a question. Why do the fish and troopers cross the road?"
They looked at her, clueless. She took her starfish off her hair and threw it. The starfish's blades cut the troopers.
"To get killed by the fish warrior!" said Sea, catching her starfish and putting it in her hair. "Hmm... Cye is not here." said Sea, rubbing her chin.
"Ring of love, take me where Cye is!" said Sea. Poof!
She is underwater. She buried her face on her hand. A few hairs went straight out.

"Oh, boy." said Sage. They're walking in the woods where the blood path is. "I think I'm going to be sick." said Eric. His subarmor is jade.
"Me too!!" said Sage.
He and Eric ran into bush, going... well you know.
"Seeing blood is their weakness?" said Ryo, sweatdrops.
"I guess so." said Anna.

Cye running in the deep forest, trying to lost the dragon. He turned left and hid behind the tree. The black dragon passed. I hope they're ok. Thought Cye.

"Hey, where is Anna?" said Sage.
Anna is sleeping under the shade tree.
"She may be tired." said Eric.
"She needs to recover from her wounds." said Ryo.
"Or wants to take a nap." said Sage.
Ryo picked her up and put her on White Blaze's back.
"She sleeps like a baby huh?" said Eric.
"Yeah." said Sage.
They stopped in the track. They saw a redheaded boy laying in the path. His clothes are light blue.
"Cye!" said Ryo, holding him.
His face covered in dirt.
"Hey, Ryo." said Cye.
"What's happening? Where is the others?" said Sage.
"Black Fire got them. They are looking for gems and armors." said Cye.
The light blue haired girl popped out of nowhere.
"AHHHH!! Black Fire!" said boys.
"No, it's not. It's Sea." said Cye.
Her subarmor is light blue.
"Cye! What's happen?!" said Sea.
"You look different." said Cye.
Her skin is red.
"My ring took me to the wrong place- the Sun!"
Anna woke up. Sea and Anna looked at each other. Anna's eyes turn big.
"AAAAHHHH!!! GHOST!!" said Anna, waving her arms.
"EEKK! EK! EK! EK!!!" said Anna and Sea, running in a circle.
"I thought they're happy to see each other." said Ryo.
They have sweatdrop.

"Sea is now joining the others." said Tiger Lily.
"Black Fire got the gems." said White Fire.
"I have no idea. Sea and Eric have the gems but the gems and armors are nowhere." "I'll go."

The boys covered their ears. Anna and Sea can't stop giggling.
"When?!" said Anna.
"Last month!" said Sea.
They both screamed and giggled.
"Ok. Ok. We'll talk about it later." said Anna.
Sea nodded and looked at Cye. His cheek started bleeding but he kept wiping it off. "Stop, Cye." said Sea.
They stopped.
"You're bleeding." said Sea.
"Let me clean."
"I'm ok, really." said Cye.
"Oh." said Ryo, almost fell but Anna caught him.
"Are you ok?" said Anna.
"Yeah, a little weak." said Ryo.
"Why don't you just ride on White Blaze's back?"
"I'm ok. I want to walk."
"Ok, let me know." said Anna, putting his arm on her right shoulder.
"Thanks, Anna." said Ryo, kissing Anna.
"You see? Everybody cares when they're hurt." said Sea.
Cye sighed.
"Ok, but make it fast. They need our help." said Cye.
Sea nodded and clean his cut.
"I'm so sorry but my best friend is in danger." said Cye.
"That's ok. I feel the same way." said Sea.
Cye watched her. His crush on Anna is fading away. Something new took its place. "Cye? Are you ok?" said Sea.
Ignore her question, his face was close to her face. He kissed her. He ran his hand through her hair. Sea wrapped her arms around him.

"She is a warrior of love. Back in the ol' days, she was the weakest in the team but I protected her. That's how we have a true friendship." said Anna.
"Anna?" said Ryo.
"In my dream, are you the daughter of Terry and Talpa?"
"NO! I'm not!!"
"Just make sure." said Ryo.
"I'll check on the guys." said Anna, getting up and leaving.
"So, can't stop thinking about her?" said Ryo.
"Hey, I have no idea she is my sister." said Sage.
"everybody says we're twins but we're not! She is my twin sister." said Eric. "Because you two have the same hair- style!" said Ryo.
"Yeah, right." said Sage and Eric.
Ryo laughing.

Where is merboy and mergirl? Thought Anna, looking at the river. Her hair is mess. "EEEEWWW!!!" said Anna.
The monster is ruined her hair while attacking. She took her hairband off. A few hairs cover her eyes. She move her hair off her brown eye. Her hair still covered her blue eye. She didn't make it this way.
Anna put her hair in the river and raise her head up. Her hair is flying and drops of waters are flying too. The green eyes in the bush, watching her.

The fish were swimming peaceful and swimming fast. Cye was swimming to try to find somebody. Sea was swimming and sneak up to him. She put her arms around him. ::Gee! I can't find you!:: Thought Cye.
:: Like I say, I'm faster than you.:: Thought Sea.
They kissed.

The shadow climbed the tree and her green eyes never looked away from Anna. "Hmm.. I think I'll leave it down." said Anna.
In a minute, Anna turned her back. The shadow jumped out and landed in front of her. And then jumped on her. She fell.
"Wow. Is it new, White Blaze?" said Anna.
She gasp. It's not White Blaze! The white tiger bared her teeth. Anna is shocked when she was five years old, unicorn-eater cat almost killed her. That's how she has a scar on her left side of her head. The tiger started to glow. Anna did too.
"Anna!" said Cye.
He and Sea ran but it was too late. Both disappeared.
"ANNA!!!" said Sea.
Cye held her. She started to cry.
"She is going be ok. Sssshhh..." said Cye.