Ronin Warriors

The New Battle Reborn

Episode 22: The Red Phoenix and the missing warriors

By Anna of Star Wildfire

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Urk looked at beautiful mountain. He canít believe it. Annaís gone.


He looks up and saw Wingblade.

"Yes?" said Urk.

"While the princessís dead, can we kick the mortals out?" said Wingblade.

"Iím sorry but we must not to. Theyíre our hope."

"Urk! I donít want stuck with mortals! I want theyíre gone!"

Urk know how many she hates mortals. When she was little, the mortals fear that Wingblade is demon. They treated her and killed her mother for protect Wingblade. She never forgives to mortals for that.

"Sorry but we canít. Theyíre Princess Annaís friends." Said Urk.

Eric hides behind the tree. Maybe heíll ask Urk about Wingblade. He wonders why Wingblade hate mortals so much. Eric will show Wingblade that mortals arenít bad!

"I think Iíll return my home." Said Wingblade.

They hear somebody yell.

"No no no no no no no no no!!!" yell somebody.

They saw somebody fell down from the tree. Urk and Wingblade are sweatdrops and shocked.


"Eric?" said Urk.

He is rubbing the bump on his head.

"Wingblade! Donít go! Mortals arenít bad!" said Eric.

Without a word, Wingblade turn her back and flying away. Eric and Urk are watching Wingblade leaving.

"You need work on your romance." Said Urk.

Eric is hitting his head on the ground.

A man is walking down the street in Tokyo. He has black hair but the Sun makes his hair look like brown and black hair. Heís about 6í0 tall. The women and teenage girls canít stop giggle or wave at him when heís very handsome. Sorry, ladies but my heart is belonging to somebody. Thought a man. His name is Phoenix. He never tell somebody his name or who he is. His wife died from gave birth to his daughter or may get killed by somebody. Itís hard to tell. He wishes his wife were immortal so sheíll be with him. But she is mortal, mean she have to stay in heaven for long time. He is immortal. He can live forever. If he died, heíll come to alive just like the legend of Phoenix. The legend say that a Phoenix went inside the Sun and it lived. Later, that Phoenix is reborn again. He knows his daughter is immortal. She is 1% of half mortal but she has full blood of immortal. He wants to find her and training her of her power. He smells something.

"Food!" said Phoenix.

He loves food. When the woman bought the food to Phoenix. Heís eating the food fast. (like Goku in DBZ!) The people never saw him eat lots of food. When he finish, he gave the money for the food. He is walking on the street again.

"$15.95 for a person? Thatís robber!" said Phoenix.

He remembers the time his people told him that itís against the law about marry a mortal. Phoenix canít help it. Heís madly in love with a mortal. That was thousand years ago. Heís not sure if his wife died from childbirth. He think somebody murder her.

(Phoenixís voice) A thousand year ago, I found out the dragon that protects my wife is died. He isnít died. Somebody kill him, which means somebody want kill my wife. I ran to hope nothing happen to her and my baby. I heard the crying, thatís mean my child was born. When I came in, I saw my wife lying on the bed. She didnít move, nor breathing. I call her name and shaking her but I was too late. I looked around and my baby is nowhere. I saw somebody is outside. I heard my baby. I saw a woman with my baby in her arm. I was shocked to saw a knife in her hand, which was cover in blood. Is she killing my wife? I yell at her to give my baby back. But she ignored me. I got mad. She jumps and landed on her black dragon. I wonít let her get away with my baby. I transform into red PhoenixÖ


Terry looked back and saw a red Phoenix follow her.

"Just keep it up, Phoenix. Soon, your daughter never understand the love." Said Terry.

Phoenix spat the fireball at the black dragon, but missed.

"Black Fire, give him the fireball that will teach him for not miss!" said Terry.

Black Fire turns his back and spat the fireball at him. Phoenix cries in pain when fireball hit him. Terry watching Phoenix fell and hit on the ground.

"Your daughter is all mine! Her power is mine!" said Terry.

"No!!" said Phoenix, then passed out.

Phoenix woke up and found out heís in his human form. Heís in his bedroom. He nodded his ruin shirt is on his chair. His right arm is all wrapped in bandage. Phoenix started crying. He lost his wife and his baby. He doesnít know if itís girl or boy. Why that witch wants my baby so badly? Thought Phoenix.

"Wait a minute. Did Terry say she? Is that mean my baby is a girl?" said Phoenix.

"Youíre right. Itís a girl."

"Whoís that?" said Phoenix.

A redhead tall man stood in front of him.

"No long time to see ya, olí friend."

"Mark. You sly! How you found me?" said Phoenix.

"Easy. I sense your Phoenix form. Donít worry about your daughter. After I found you, I know where Terry is. And I found your daughter." Said Mark.

"Howís she?"

"Sheís fine but I think Iím too late."

"Whatís you mean? Is she going be ok?"

"Theyíre running the tests on her. You see when I looked her; Terry put some spell on your baby. It looks like nothing happen but Iím not sure about that. Thatís why I ask the doctors to check to make sure."

"Whatís about my wife? Do they say she died from childbirth or got killed by Terry?" said Phoenix.

"We donít know. When you came in, whatís you saw?" said Mark.

"I saw my wife died on her bed. The blood is all over the bed and the blanket. I think she probable lost lots of the blood while childbirth. But I saw her chest is bleeding. Itís hard to tell.

"I saw Terry with bloody knife. I think she killed her. She kidnapped my baby. While I try to save my baby, I heard Terry say ĎYour daughter never understand the lovesí. And Ďher powers are all mine.í ". Said Phoenix.

"Hmm.. I know Terry is evil demon. She is twin sister of Talpa. The big question is, whatís she need your babyís power for?" said Mark.

"Thatís good question. Please, I want to see my baby.. Please!"

Mark understood how he felt. Phoenix married to the mortal for five years and still has no children. They have hard time to have baby but itís miracle. And now his wife is died! And that evil witch wants the baby! But why?!

"Iíll see if I can do. Be right back. Get rest while I get your daughter." Said Mark, leaving.

Phoenix closed his eyes. His chest is hurt so badly. The pain is killing him. After Markís left, Phoenix has hard time to breathing. He thinks his lungs were hit by Black Fireís fireball.

In awhileÖ

Mark return with the baby in his arm. He smiled when Phoenix is sleeping like a baby.

"Phoenix, wake up. I have your baby."

No answer. Mark nodded Phoenixís chest isnít raising as his breathing. Mark is filling with fear.

"Phoenix? This is not funny." Said Mark.

He walked to his best friend. He still has the baby in his arm. Mark checks Phoenixís pulse. He gasped. No pulse.

"No.. Donít die! Your daughter is here! Please donít die!" cried Mark.

::End of Flashback::

"Mark, gomen nansi.. I died from my wounds. But I was reborn. Iím sure my daughter is reborn on the earth.." said Phoenix.

Rome, Italy

"If you donít cut that out, youíll be dead meat!" said the boy.

He has dark brown hair. He wore red sleeveless shirt and jean. The light brown haired boy laughing. He wore purple shirtless shirt and jean.

"Weíll see if ya can, Seyia!"

"Jabu! Thatís it!" said Seyia.

"Now boys! No fight!" said purple haired young woman.

"But he started it!" said Seyia.

"Iil, he started!" said Jabu.

The young womanís name is Athena. She is sighed. Yet, her saints are fighting each other. Jabu like picking on Seyia. Athena has a headache. She is rubbing her forehead. She gasped when she has vision.

In her vision, a very tall young woman is wearing long red dress. (her dress looks alike Princess Rayeís dress in SM manga.) The wind blew her long black hair. She has dark skin. She has crescent Sun on her forehead. Athena canít see her face. The mysterious womanís voice is smooth and soft.

"Athena, gomen nansi but we do need Unicorn Jabu." Said the woman.

"Nani? Why? Why you need Jabu? Who are you?" said Athena.

"You ask too much question. Jabu is part of the Gem Ronins. Without him, we canít seal the evils away."

"Gem Ronins?"

"Have you heard of the legend of the comet? The one that blew up?"

"Oh hai. But whatís it do with that?"

"When the comet blew up, four armors and four gems are spit and flew to the different planets. Jabuís armor is one of the comet armors but he doesnít have the gem. If he donít have the gem soon, heíll feel ill and will die."

"Iil! Whatís I can do? I donít want Jabu to die!" said Athena.

"Iím going to take him in right place where the gem is. And then heíll gone to the Sunís moon." Said the woman.

"Sunís moon? But the Sun donít have moon."

"It do. I made that moon but the wizard helped."

Athena is gasped.

"Are.. Are you-..?!" said Athena.

"Iím Sun Goddess."

"Sun Goddess?! But how? You died in the battle!"

"It happened one thousand years ago but I was reborn. My soul is in mortalís body. And my body is seal by the demons." Said Sun Goddess.

"Seal by the demon?" said Athena.

"I need Unicorn Jabu. Itíll take awhile for him to return to protect you. And plus you have enough of saints to protect you."

"Wait! Whatís kind of enemy are they?"

Sun Goddess didnít answer her. The flames rise up. She is disappeared behind the flames. Athena screamed when the flame is too close to her. Her body is disappeared.

Athena jerked opened her eyes. She found herself lying on her bed. She saw Seyia, Jabu, Shun, Hyoga, Shiryu, and Ikki are standing around the bed.

"Athena, are you ok?" said green haired boy, Shun.

"Whatís happen?" said Athena.

"Youíre collapsed." Said blonde boy, Hyoga.

"I.. In my vision, I saw Sun Goddess. She need somebody.." said Athena.

"Whatís you mean? Need somebody?" said black haired boy, Shiryu.

"Jabu.. She need Jabu.." said Athena.

"Me? Why?" said Jabu.

"Her name is Sun Goddess. She need you at the moon of the Sun." said Athena.

"Moon of Sun? But the Sun donít have a moon!" said blue haired man, Ikki.

Jabu gasped. But.. I thought she is dead! I donít know who Sun Goddess is but my friend is dead. Thought Jabu.

He remembers when he was six-year-old. He was mystery disappeared in the light. He was in other place. And a young girl, about age of 8, ran into him. Jabu was surprised to saw lot of unicorns. The young girl is princess of Kingdom of the unicorns. Theyíre very close friends until her death.

When she was ten years old, she is owner of Star Wildfire. She and the other princesses have to fight against Terry. But sadly, she died in the battle. The only survived from that is Sea, princess of Mermaidsseaworld.

"Hey, wake up!!" said Seyia.

Jabu is yelled in pain when Seyia hit hard right on his head. Jabu yell and attack Seyia. Theyíre in fighting again. Athena and the boys are sweatdrop.

"Here we go again.." said Athena.

Seyia and Jabu are stopped fighting when the purple light appeared. The saints and Athena are yipped when they saw the light that came from Jabuís chest.

ThatÖ That is same light from years ago! Thought Jabu. Everybody shield their eyes when the light is too blighted. And it stopped. Seyia is unshielded his eyes. He gasped when Jabu isnít here.

"Wh-.. Where is Jabu?" said Seyia.

Keda and Rowen hear somebody scream. Rowen looked up and his eyes are popped out when a young man is falling on him! THUMP! Keda is sweatdrop when the teenage boy landed on Rowen. The teenage boy and Rowen have two x on their face. (like this x_x) And thatís not all. The sliver three feet tall box is landed on Jabu and Rowen.

"OOOWWW!!!" yelled Rowen and Jabu.

"Why me? Why itís only happen to me?" said Rowen.

Phoenix is walked down on the street. Something is in his pocket making loud noise. Phoenix quick took it out and hides in the alley. He turns his little computer on. Snowclaw is in the screen of the computer.

"Whatís it, Snowclaw?" said Phoenix.

"I want to let ya know something. Weíre going to Unicornsland to find the Ronins. My mom, Tiger Lily told me about the Ronins. We must warning them about Terry and Talpa are after the missing races." Said Snowclaw.

"Ok. Did you found my daughterís DATA?" said Phoenix.

"I didnít find but I think she is still alive."

"You think so? I mean I have bad feeling few hours ago. It feels like somebody who is part of me died. I hope my daughter isnít going to died."

Phoenix looked up when he hears somebody scream. Phoenix will call Snowclaw later. He shut the computer off and ran into the heart of the alley. He saw a man is hurting the brunette teenage girl. Phoenix knew what that man is trying. He is try to robber her or try to rape her.

"Hey you!! Donít touch her!!" yelled Phoenix.

The man and the girl looked up and saw a very tall man. His hair is black but the sun made his hair look like brown and black is mixed.

"Please, help! He try to hurt me!" yelled the girl.

"Who the hell are you?!" yelled the man.

"Oh? And youíre the one who is going to the hell!" said Phoenix.

He hit rights the manís jaw. The man spit the blood out. He attacks Phoenix again but he rise his hand up and the fireball appeared.

"Fireball!!" yelled Phoenix.

The man is cried in pain. His arm is burn. He decided to run away from the crazy man. Phoenix saw the girl is sitting on the floor. She is very afraid.

"Donít be afraid. Heís gone. Is he tried to rape you?" said Phoenix.

"No.. He.. tried to steal my marble and my moneys." Said the girl.

"Why are you here? This place is no for teenagers."

"I.. That man came out nowhere and treated me."

"Whatís your name? Mine is Phoenix."

"Iím Akira."

To be continued..

Authorís note: Gomen about bad words!