Reaching the Gems and Armors Episode 16: Ancient One's warrior student by Anna of Star Wildfire

(Sage's voice) I found out that Babe is my sister. I didn't know I had a sister who has blue
and brown eyes.
"Without the gem, what I do?" said Eric.
"You'll get weak and dizzy from that." said Anna.
"Why is it so important?" said Mia.
"Why do you just look it up? And where is Ryo?" said Anna.
"Outside." said Mia.

Ryo sat on the deck by the lake, thinking how getting the gem. Anna walked and sneaked in and surprised Ryo.
"Hey." said Ryo.
"Hey." said Anna.
Anna sat down and lay her head on Ryo's shoulder. Ryo is thinking how to find the gems and armors. Anna put her hand on Ryo's shoulder. Ryo kissed her. They were watching
the sun set. Ryo put his arm around her. The sun is almost down. It started to lighting and scared Anna and Ryo. They jumped and ran back to the house. After inside the house,
they were laughing. Ryo put his arms around Anna's sides. She put her arms around Ryo's neck. Their lips met. Eric saw it. But Sage told him they were lovebirds.

At 6:00 A.M.
"AAAAHHHHH!!!!" said everybody, woke up. They were running down. Anna stood next to the gong.
"Raise and call! We must leave a little after 7:00." said Anna.
"Why?" said Mia. Her hair looked a mess.
"To look for gems and armor, of course! I'll cook." said Anna.

After breakfast.
They ring of hope and faith took them to where the Star Halo was found.
"Whoa." said Rowen.
No, city, no cars, no everything but the woods. They heard a horse coming and a man wearing strange clothes. The horse is running, high speed. He took Anna!
"Anna!" said Ryo.
The pack of horses are running and the riders took Eric, Mia, Yuli and the others except Ryo.
"Don't be fool! ElSam is coming!" said the rider.
Ryo turned his back. He saw a black dragon with a white scar under his left eye, coming him. His mind is empty. The dragon's claw buried in Ryo's side.
"AAAAAHHHH!!!!" said Ryo.
"Ryo!!" said Anna.
She jump out of the horse. Ryo hit on the floor. Anna's clothes started to glow and transform. She didn't wear normal clothes. Her robe was pink but her pants were white.
Her gloves were pink. She had pink bandage aroundher forehead. Her shirt was sleeveless. She had a small metal on her shoulder. It had pictures of shakujo.
"I can't believe it." said rider.
"You hurt my love and I'll hurt you." said Anna.
"I can't believe it! It's Princess Anna!" said rider.
"You mean she won freedom for us?" said another rider.
ElSam fired at her but missed. Anna kicked his face.
"Yes! She is the best warrior student Ancient One ever had!" said rider.
Anna jumped and kicked ElSam's belly and kicked his chin.
"She had same moves remember?"
"Oh, yeah!"
ElSam was dizzy and fainted.
"Yeah! Way to go!" said rider.
"Ryo." said Anna, kneeling next to Ryo. He raises his head and said,
"Are you ok?"
"Yes." said Anna, nodded her head.
"We must take him to the village now!!" said Anna.
"Here you use it." said #3 rider. Anna wrap Ryo.
"You know her?" said Mia.
"Yes. Thanks to her. She won freedom for us." said #1 rider.
"Let's go!" said Anna, riding on White Blaze's back.

Ryo lay on the bed. He is shirtless and the bandage around his side.
"Ryo." said Anna.
"There is something I need tell you. I'm Ancient One's warrior student. I have fought many battles. They call me angel of hope and faith. And they're right. I am." said Anna.

"And she hit right on his jaw, a powerful hit. He died because his jaw broke." said #1 rider.
"Anna fought a giant when she was six years old?" said Rowen.
"Yes. Before that, we were slaves but she gave us freedom." said #2 rider.
"Did you know Anna has brothers?" said Sage.
"No. Does she?" said #3 rider.
"Eric is her twin brother." said Sage, putting his hand on Eric's shoulder.
"And I'm her older brother too." said Sage.
Everybody in the village were shocked.
"Do you know where gem of Star Halo is?" said Eric.
"What?" said #1 rider.
"He means comet armor, Jack." said an old woman.
"Really? I have no idea." said Jack the #1 rider.
"The gems need return four armors or the owner will die." said the old woman.
"Anna fought for peace and freedom? Woo...." said Sage.

(Sage's voice) You know sometimes brothers and sisters fight over marriage. I mean he or she don't want her or him to marry because he or she doesn't like the other person.
Ryo is cool for a leader and friend. Without him, I can't wake up in the cave. I came in the hut to check on Anna and Ryo. After I found out Anna is my sister, I loved her so much. I
don't want to lose her in a plane crash again. I found her, sleeping, resting her head on Ryo's chest. I saw Ryo put his arm around her neck. When I put a blanket on Anna, I
started to thinking. I'll let Ryo marry Anna. Sometimes Ryo wishes he had a brother or sister. But if he marry her, I'll be his brother *or* brother-in-law. (sweatdrop) It's getting
late. Everybody gone to bed. I sleep in hut so I won't lose Anna again. The next morning, that's nice for them to give us clothes. I'm surprised they have green clothes.

He had a green bandage around his forehead. He also had some on his wrists. His pants and t-shirt were green too.
"Mmm. Not bad for a blonde boy."
"Anna." said Sage, sweatdrop.
"Come on, it will look great on you bro." said Anna.
It's the first time she has ever said that. Thought Sage.
"Ready to taste some action huh?" said Anna, pulling her pink glove. Sage raised his eyebrow.
"How's Ryo?" said Sage.
"He is still in pain but sleeping like a baby." said Anna.
Sage smiled and put his cape on. Anna was going to put her pink cape on but had trouble. Sage walked and helped her. After he finished, he hugged her. When he found
out she was his sister, they're doing brother and sister stuff. But not now. Until Talpa amd Terry are defected. Anna turn around and hugged him. Then tickled him. Sage laughed
and tickled her. They both laughed.

Anna and Sage rode on a horse. The Rest of the group stayed with injured Ryo and ill Eric. Before they left, Anna kiss Ryo good-bye.
"Be careful, Angel." said Ryo.
"I'll. Before I leave, I'll heal your wound a little." said Anna.
She did.
"Thanks. Here." said Ryo, handing his red banana.
"Wha-.." said Anna.
Ryo put his banana around her neck.
"For good luck." said Ryo.
Anna kissed him.
"Thanks." said Anna, leaving.
Sage, take care of her. Thought Ryo.
"Ready, sis?" said Sage.
"Yeah." said Anna.
"Don't worry Eric. We'll bring it." said Sage.
"Yeah." said Eric. He is weak. Kento helping him to walk. They rode off.

One hour later.
"Talpa can hear us but not on this planet. There are many planets that Talpa can't reach us." said Anna.
"I have learned about you, Babe." said Sage.
She grinned an evil smile.
"Har. Har." said Sage.

A monster saw his prey, about half a yard away. Watching and attacked.
"AAAAHHHH!!!!" said Anna.
The horse scare to death.
"Anna!" said Sage.
"No! Don't-.." said Anna. But it was too late. The horse ran and the monster chased her.
"Anna!" said Sage, kick the horse's sides and chase it.

The horse jumped over a dead log. Anna tried to stop him but couldn't. The monster
jumped out of the tree, surprising them. His claw buried in Anna's shoulder. She fell off. The horse get up and ran but the monster got him. Blood was running down.
"Anna! I'm coming!" said Sage, calling his subarmor but nothing happened.
"What?" said Sage.
"It won't work until the gem is returned to its armor!" said Anna.
The monster attacked her.
"No!" said Sage, surprise to see his sword appearing. He took it and attacked the monster. His sword cut the monster's face. He showed his fangs and attacked him. Sage ducked. He cut his belly.
"Roar!!" said the monster.
"Hit right at his heart. It's his weakness." said Anna. Sage did. The monster died. Its body hit the ground. Sage was panting.
"Anna." said Sage, holding her.
She opened her eyes.
"We must keep going." said Anna.
"No. I have stopped bleeding." said Sage, carrying her to the cave. He cleaned her wounds. Her shoulder was hot. Sage touched Anna's forehead. She had a high fever!
"What kind is that monster?" said Sage.
"ill one. It came from its claws." said Anna.
"We'll camp here." said Sage. She closed her eyes.
"Anna! Stay awake!" said Sage, shake her.
"I'll try." said Anna.
"Where you going?"
"Try to find the water and wood."
"I promise I won't be gone long." said Sage.
Sage return with water and wood. He built a campfire. He checked Anna's shoulders.
The bleeding had stopped.
"About time." said Sage.
He put the blanket on her.

Ryo was still dreaming about first meeting Anna. Anna saved Ryo from Batty. First
kissed and went with him in a fight but the whole thing is his dream. He met Louise who can't remember her name and past. But after she was reborn, his dream came true! Ryo
kept dreaming Anna wore her beautiful pink armor.
"Anna." said Ryo, turning his back.
"Is our fearless leader still dreaming about Babe?" said Kento.
"Yeah." said Cye.

"Aaahhh-choo!!" said Sage.
Bbbbrrrr.... It's so cold! Thought Sage. Anna's body is shaking. Still has a fever but is
cold. Sage wrapped her with her cape. Sage pulled his blanket over his head, trying to keep warm.
In the middle of the night.
Where did that noise come from? Though Sage, working up. It's Anna. She is still cold.
How long will this fever last? Thought Sage, siting up. He took her on his lap, wrapping her with his cape and blanket. Anna was resting her head on Sage's shoulder. Sage fell
In the morning.
The suns rays hit Sage's eye. He opened his eyes. Something was wet on Anna's arm. "Finally. She had enough warmth." said Sage, wiping his hand off. Something shiny,
caught Sage's eyes. He checked it out. He is very shocked. The gem! Sage was laughing, pick it up. The sun ray hit the gem. The green light from the gem, hit Anna. Sage
was afraid something would happen. But her wounds and fever were disappearing! "Please let it work." said Sage, touch her necklace. Her pink and white subarmor
appeared. She woke up.
"Anna! I found it!" said Sage.
"Good. We will ride back to the village." said Anna.
Sage lowered his head.
"That thing scared the horses to death." said Sage.
"Then we will run." said Anna.

A few hours later.
"Where is everybody?" saud Anna. The village is empty.
"I thought they had lunch." said Sage.
"Not until the Sun touchs the ocean." said Anna.
"Lets find somebody." said Sage.
They looked an each hut but found nothing.
"Sage!! Come here!!" said Anna.
Sage heard and ran. He saw Anna holding Eric.
"Give him the gem. He is going to die." said Anna.
Sage let the gem touch Eric's orb. He woke up.
"What's happening here?" said Sage.
"They got others. Black dragon." said Eric.
"ElSam." said Anna.
"No. He said about armor and he kidnapped everybody." said Eric.
"What's about Ryo? And White Blaze?" said Anna.
"I thought I saw White Blaze with somebody in the woods." said Eric.
"Which?" said Anna.
White Blaze roar and walking out of wood.
"White Blaze!" said Anna, seeing Ryo resting on his back.
"You carry Ryo to safety?" said Anna, running to Ryo. Ryo opened his eyes.
"Anna." said Ryo, resting his head on Anna's chest. Anna lay her head on Ryo's head.
"Everything is going to be ok." said Anna.