Episode 15B: Let green roses and pink roses together

then to those worlds where belief in the magic was in danger of failing altogether. After all there has to be some belief in magic- however small- for any world to survive." - Terry
Brooks- The Black Unicorn (name of the book) "My brother is coming." said Sage.
"I thought you had a sisters." said Ryo.
"Yes, but wait until you meet him!"
"But, Sage, we're in middle of the battle!" said Anna.
"He is a swordsman."
"I didn't know you had a brother!" said Rowen.
(Anna's voice) Sometime I have this feeling. I don't know why. I have a family in North
America. I feel like I do not belong here. Was I adopted? Or something?

"When is he coming over?" said Mia.
"We'll go to my home to pick him up." said Sage.
"You mean now?" said Mia.

They're in Mia's car.
"I thought you had only two sisters." said Anna.
"Yes. And by the way, he is hot!" said Sage.
Anna liked to chase cute boys.
"Butt out!" said Ryo.
"Ok. Ok. Ok." said Sage, shaking his hands.
"He is more cute than Ryo!" said Sage.
"Really?" said Anna.
"Sage!! I'll-...." said Ryo, choking Sage.

I don't want to visit my brother. Something strange is going on and I'm going stop it. But do I do it alone or not? Thought the black haired boy. His hair covered his right eye. He
looked at his orb. He want to move in with Sage so his sister won't tease him. He's uncomfortable about it.
"Eric! They're here!"
"Coming!" said Eric, putting his orb in his packet. Eric walked out of his bedroom. He put his bag over his shoulder. He is dizzy and leans on the wall, dropped his bag. He sat on
the floor. He put his hand on his forehead. His vision is blurred. Eric rested his eyes and take a deep breath. He went to see the doctor to find what was wrong with him, but the
doctor said he didn't know. Finally it stopped.
"I'm coming. I'm coming." said Eric, picking his bag up and walking down.

"Do you want stay here for awhile?" said the blonde woman.
"I'd love to but they need me for something, Mom." said Sage.
"Gosh! You live in a beautiful place!" said Anna, looking at woods and flowers. She
turned her back.
"Ummm... She is deaf." said Sage.
"I'm sure we'll take care of Eric, Anita." said Mia.
"What's up, bro?" said Eric.
"Yo, bro." said Sage, tapping Anna so she turn her back.
Anita dropped her jaw and her eyes are wide.
"I know. I know. She was born that way." said Sage, thought she never see blue and brown eyes before.
"Anna? Is it you?" said Anita.
"How you know her name?" said Sage.
"What's your middle name?" said Anita.
"Louise." said Anna. Tears running down on Anita's cheek.
"Oh! I thought you got killed from a plane crash!" said Anita, hugging Anna. She is puzzled.
"Anna, do you remember me?" said Anita.
"No. I'm sorry." said Anna.
"You lost your memory." said Anita, covering her mouth.
"Let me show you something." said Anita.
"Mom?" said Sage.

Anita showed pictures of a little girl with short black hair, Sage, and Eric. A picture of close up of a girl, she have blue and brown eyes!
"I sent you to North America because you aunt worked in Atlanta Speech School. You can talk but you don't know how to talk." said Anita.
"You mean I'm your daughter?" said Anna.
"Yes. There is a picture of you before you went to the USA." said Anita.
"Anna is my sister?" said Sage.
"Mom, are you sure?" said Eric.
"I'm. If you not sure about it, go see the doctor." said Anita.

Anna lay her head on Ryo's lap. She almost faint after loosing too much blood.
"I hate it." said Sage.
"Me too." said Eric. The nuse put bandages on Eric's arm.

One hour later, Mia gave Anna some drink and food that's help keep her from fainting.
"Ok. The tests are in." said doctor.
"Well?" said Ryo.
"Eric and Anna, you're twin." said doctor.
"What?" said Anna.
"You're deaf and he is half deaf."
"Babe is my sister?" said Sage, shocked.
"Yes, and I have file of you when you and Eric born." said doctor, giving Anna the file. She is very shaken when she look at her name on the file.
"I'm......... Date Anna?" said Anna. Doctor nodded his head.
"Anna is my twin sister?" said Eric.
"Ah, I believe you have whole Date family. Oops. Gotta go." said doctor, after his pager beeped. Anna fainted. Eric fainted. Sage did too. After they fainted, Mia and Ryo looked at Anna's file. They fainted too.

"What's taking them so long?" said Kento.
"You know, I think Sage's home is a little far." said Rowen.
"I'm hungry!!!" said Kento.
Everybody fell and their legs are in air.

"Eric and Anna are together." said the female white tiger.
"Good but they need Sea." said the white dragon.
"Can I bring Sea to Anna? I want to see White Blaze."
"Yes, you can, Tiger Lily."
She open her green eyes.
"Thank you." said Tiger Lily.
"When you see her, bring her to me."
"As you wish, White Fire." said Tiger Lily.

"What's wrong, Sea? You look like a starfish ate your doll." said ponytail red haired mermaid. Her tail is blue.
"Stop that, Molly." said Sea.
"Aaaawww. Still miss that human?"
"Stop picking at her." said the mermaid. She had blue hair and white strip run on her hair.
Her tail is white.
"I'm leaving human-lover alone."
"Stop it. I warn you!"
"Just a minute, Sara. How come you don't have tail like us, huh?"
POW!! Sea hit Molly's face.
"Miss, you have to leave." said the guard.
Molly left.
"This is not over human-lover." said Molly.
"Don't believe she told you, Sea." said Sara.
"She's right. I'm a human-lover." said Sea.
"But, you're human!"
"I know. I'm miss him."
"And you know what? Cye told me Anna is alive." said Sea.
"Then go to Earth." said Sara.
"I'll take care everything."

"Whooaa!!" said Rowen.
Eric and Sage looked the same.
"Anna, I have no idea about it." said Sage.
"It's ok." said Anna, petting his shoulder and left the room.
Sage explained the whole thing. They're shocked.

"That's your room." said Anna.
"Thanks." said Eric.
"Are you ok?" said Eric.
"Yeah. I'm just shocked about it." said Anna.
White Blaze walked in.
"Holly cow!!!" said Eric, jumping in Anna's arms.
"It's ok. He is harmless. You can pet him if you want to." said Anna.
"Nice kitty. Nice kitty." said Eric, petting him.
"Pppprrrrr......" said White Blaze.
"He belongs to Ryo, my boyfriend." said Anna.
Eric started getting dizzy.
"Are you ok?" said Anna.
He fainted.
"Eric??!!" said Anna, catching him.
"Go get help!" said Anna.
White Blaze ran out.

Eric lay on his bed.
"They don't know what causes it?" said Mia.
"Yes." said Sage, sigh.
"What if Talpa is behind this?" said Anna.
"Maybe." said Sage.
"I hate this!" said Rowen.
They're fight over his illness and Talpa.
"GUYS!!!!" yelled Anna.
They look at her.
"He need his rest. We have to leave." said Anna.
They left. Anna walked out but Eric's bag caught around Anna's ankle. She tried to take it off. A small marble came out of the bag. She saw it and pick it up. It showed a star with a
lighting bolt on it. Anna gasped.
"Star Halo??!!" said Anna.

"And so, the armors had never been found but how Eric found it?" said Anna.
"After it came apart, the four gems suppose to stay in the armor. Without it, you will be dizzy. I'm afriend it happen to Eric." said Anna.
Mia is sweatdrops.
"You know more than the computer!" said Mia.
"It's true." said somebody.
"Eric! Are you ok?" said Sage.
"Yeah." said Eric.
"What we do?" said Ryo.
Anna bite her lips.
"Where did you found Star Halo?" said Anna.
"I don't know but a dragon gave it to me." said Eric.
"So that's mean......." said Anna.
"Anna?" said Ryo.
"I think I know where." said Anna.
They look at her, clueless.
"I think I know where." said Anna, in her soft voice.

Note: Ok. This is last episode of "The New Battle Reborn". But never fear! I will keep
doing it. When my new story, it kind of like a serial. While the new story, like I say, I'll write more than 39 episodes and that what I will do to it. Don't worry about it. It will continue
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