Episode 15A by Anna of Star Wildfire

Ok. It's not story but it's a list of new things I'm going to add to it in the story. A Few are
coming soon.

Date Eric: Anna's twin brother. He has the same hair-style as Sage's hair but his hair is
black like Anna's hair. His eyes are sliver as Sage's eyes. He is the fourth child in Date
family. His armor is of Star Halo. Same power as Sage's armor, but his armor didn't
belong to Talpa's body. His armor belongs to comet. His right ear isn't good but his left
ear good. He is haft deaf.

Sea: Anna's best friend and Cye's girlfriend. Princess of Mermaidsseaworld. Her armor
of Star Water, cames from the comet.

Writer's note: (sigh) Since Sage's mom didn't give her name. I'm not own this character.
When I put the name down, it not Sage's mom's really name. I just made it up.

Date Anita: mother of five children. She sent Anna to North America when she was
young. Anna was older enough to talk but she didn't know how to talk. Anita's sister works at Atlanta Speech School, will teach her how to speak. Atlanta Speech School is special
place to teach the deaf how to speak. After Anita found out Anna is alive, she told Anna is her daughter and twin sister of Eric. Sage didn't know Anna was her sister, but he was
happy when the whole family was together again.

Tiger Lily: White Blaze's sister. She protects Mia and Yuli while White Blaze goes with Ryo. Sometime she goes with Anna to be her hearing and warn her of the dangerous.

White Fire: Black Fire's brother. He asked Anna to free his brother from Terry. He gave Anna an armor that can link from Star Wildfire armor to Angel Inferno. He is a white

Star Water: belongs to Sea. It's power can work any water. It came from comet.

Star Halo: belong to Eric. Its attack is powerful two time than Sage's attack. Came from the comet.

Angel Inferno: belongs to Anna. White Fire guarded this armor for many years.


After torn from Talpa's body, Star Wildfire is part of Wildfire. If there are two Wildfire armors, they can have two Inferno armors.

The lost armor is really Anna's armor. Ancient One hides Star Wildfire, so Talpa can't have all the armors.

Comet: million years ago, it came apart in eight pieces, the armors and gems. Anna
found two armors but is looking for two more armors and four gems.

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