Episode 14: The lost soul by Anna of Star Wildfire

"Take us to Soulsworld, ring of hope and faith." said Anna. Others and Anna are wearing their subarmor. White Blaze went with them. They disappeared.

"AAAAHHHH!!!" said Kento. One of ghosts pasted Kento.
".........." said everybody.
"Now, a few of you have to find Ryo's soul, a few of you go with me to meet King." said Anna.
"Is he a ghost?" said Kento.
"No." said Anna.
"Then I'll go with you!" said Kento.
"Sorry. Rowen and Sage need you. The king is no danger to us." said Anna.
"Anna? Are you taking Ryo's place?" said Sage.
Anna looked at him.
"Do you have problem with it?" said Anna.
"No! I mean.... Well I...." said Sage.
Oh, boy. She got me this time. Thought Sage.
"AAAAAAHHH!!! Get this ghost away from me!!!" said Kento, running.

"Ok. I'll do a chart and you tell him why." said Anna. Cye nodded his head.
"Hello, King of Souls-..." said Anna, shocked.
The king is eating seafood! Cye is laying on the floor, dead.
"Houston, we got a problem." said Anna, sweatdrops.
White Blaze tried to woke Cye up. Anna explained what she was here for and that she wanted the soul.
"So you want to bring you lover back to live. Ok, but fight first and soul later." said King
Soul. Anna bowed.
"So, are you sure you want to fight?" said King Soul.
"Yes." said Anna.
"Do you have armor or weapons? If yes, show it to me."
"Armor of Star Wildfire Don Jon!" said Anna. Soul's jaw drop. He is speechless.
"Well?" said Anna, moving her arm to the right side.
"You're one of Ronin Warriors??!! You mean the soul-..."
"Yes. Ryo of Wildfire." said Anna. When she say his name, it is too painful for her. She wanted to scream Ryo's name but try to hide the sadness and pain.
"Sir, we found the people." said the solider. Anna is sweatdrops. She wished Kento would stop yelling when she saw ghosts. Anna gave dirty look at the boys. Rowen pointed at Sage. Kento pointed at Sage. Sage point at Rowen and Kento. Anna popped a vein. The castle started to shake. The three boys' heads went in the wall. Anna is popping a vein in her hand.
"You know them?" said Soul.
"Yes." said Anna. Her voice sounded sweet and she make her face into a happy face.
Cye sat up and put his hand on his forehead, dizzy. Soul took a bite of seafood.
"AAAAAHHH!!!" said Cye, faint again. White Blaze is sweatdrop and wave his paw at Cye. A white ball appeared out of nowhere and flew around. Then coming to Anna and flying around her.
"Sorry, Sir! One of the souls got away!" said another soldier. The glowing ball stopped flying and looked at Anna. And flew to her hair and rubbed on her hair. The ball flew past Anna's hair and looked at her again.
"Ryo, how many times have I told you-..." said Soul.
A soul fell in love with me? Cool! Thought Anna.
"That's Ryo?" said Rowen. The boys have big bumps on their heads.
"Yep!" said the ball, transforming into human form. Ryo! His hair is in a ponytail. His hair looked wild. He didn't wear normal clothes. His clothes are green. He didn't wear pants.
His clothes were long. He had red yarn around his hip. He had a green bandage around his wrist. He wore a sleeveless green robe.
"You looked beautiful when you threw the boys into the wall." said Ryo.
"Ryo!" said Anna, hugging him. She cried a little.
"I thought you can't touch a ghost." said Sage.
"Yes, but not here." said Soul. Ryo put his arms around Anna and kissed her.
"Anna." said Ryo, moving her so she can see his lips. (deaf people are lip-readers.)
"Nick didn't kill me. He wanted my body. I'm still alive but I need my body." said Ryo, rubbing Anna's chin.
"Oh, Ryo. I know that. I miss you so much." said Anna.
"I miss you too." said Ryo.
"Can we let the fight begin or not?" said Soul.
"I'll fight." said Anna.
"Be careful, honey." said Ryo.

"Let the fight begin!" said Soul.
First battle: Anna VS the giant.
The giant attacked but missed. Anna's sword cut him.
"AAAAAAAAHHHH!!!" said giant
. "That's my girl!" said Ryo. (the battle is outside not inside.) Later the giant passed out from loosing too much blood. The ghosts are cheering.
Second battle: Anna VS Thorn monster.
The octopus-like monster with thorns all over his arms. Aaaahh. The plant type, good.
Thought Anna... The torn came out of its arms. Anna jumped out of the way.
"Fire up now!!" said Anna.
The monster is dead.
"This is too easy!" said Anna.
Third battle: Anna VS Kani.
Kani is the prison monster. If Anna breaths the prison gas, she'll die. But not this time.
Her helmet shield covered her face. Her armor's heat raised to 100 degrees so the gas won't pass through.
"What?" said boys, shocked.
"Sigh. I wish I had the thought back in the ol' days." said Ryo.
Anna attacked Kani. Kani sent prison gas at her. But can't get through.
"People won't survive from that monster." said Soul.
"Wall of fire burn!!"
Kani sent the prison gas at her attack. Their attacks keep going. The gas defected Anna's attack!
"AAAAHHH!!" said Anna, caught in gas. Anna landed on the ground.
"Anna!!" said Ryo. Anna breathe the gas. She had a hard time breathing.
"I was right. She won't survive from that!" said Soul, laughing.
"Anna!" said Ryo.
"Oh, if she would let me fight and it won'ld happen!" said Kento.
The poison flowed through Anna's veins.
"Hey, wait a minute! Cye, do you remember what kind of power she has?" said Rowen.
"Oh, yeah! You mean-.." said Cye.
"Yes. Lets say it together." said Rowen.
"Anna! Use your power to heal yourself!" said Cye and Rowen. The boys are clueless.
"What in the world?" said Soul. Anna's body is started glowing. She could feel her unicorn power suck the prison out of her veins. Anna got up and was face to face with Kani.
"How??!!" said the boys.
"Did you know unicorns use their horns to make poison fade away? Anna can heal herself." said Rowen.
"What? Don't tell me you have unicorn's power??!!" said Kani, afraid. Anna raised her arms.
"Unicorn power!!" said Anna, turning away and holding her arm and aiming at Kani. Her power went out. Anna's attack look like unicorn is changing. Kani caught and turn into dust. The ghost are surprised.
"But nobody can defeat Kani!" said Soul.
Anna is laughing.
"Wwwwweee!!! That's so fun! Can we go again?" said Anna. The ghosts and boys fell and their legs are in air.
"Anna, that was the last battle. You are the winner. Ryo's soul is yours now." said Soul.
"Yeah-yip!!" said Anna, jumping and dancing. Ryo ran and hugged her. He held her in the air. Slowly moved her down but still in air. She kissed Ryo's lips.
"Now, your body." said Anna.
"But where?" said Ryo.
"After your death, your body disappeared. But I know where." said Anna.
"Where?" said everybody.
"Deadsworld, a place where the lost bodies live." said Anna.
"Oh, no! More dead and more ghosts!" groaned Kento.
"Our next stop is Deadsworld!" said Anna. The ring of hope and faith appearing.
"Please, can we skip it?" said Kento.
"Noo!!!" said everybody.
"She is the first warrior in a million years, sir." said soldier.
Soul nodded and take another bite of seafood. Cye heard that when they're in ring. He faint.
"Not again!!" said everybody.
White Blaze waved his paw, trying to wake Cye up *again*.

Anna's eyed are closed. The man attacked. Anna opened her eyes and jumping out. She kicked his head. Blood running down his face. He was laughing.
"Wall of fire burn!!"
The man caught in her attack. He was burned all over but he was still alive.
"Conugratalatens. You won Ryo's body." said King Dead.
"Way to go, Anna!" said Ryo.

In a dark room.
"You want me to go inside my body and that's all?" said Ryo.
"Yes." said Anna.
Ryo's soul returned to his body. He opened his eyes.
"Ryo!" said Anna, hugging Ryo.
"Ow!!" said Ryo.
"Oops, sorry." said Anna, forgot his wounds didn't heal.
"Ryo." said Anna, holding Ryo.
He put his hand on Anna's cheek.
"Cye." said Ryo.
"Hmm?" said Cye.
"Thank you for comforting her." said Ryo.
"You're welcome." said Cye.

(Cye's voice) Maybe I'll forgot about falling in love with Anna. We'll be best friends. Eeecchh. I mean ex-best friends. ^_^

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