Episode 13: Until the glass break by Anna of Star Wildfire

(Cye's voice) I love Anna so much. I really want to be her boyfriend. Like I say, Ryo has
her. It breaks my heart. Anna has beautiful little dark skin. I love her blue eye and her skin
too. She is the only one who saved me from Mermaidsseaworld. I fear Anna is going to
die but Ryo gave her half our powers. I don't know how our powers will save her. I asked
Mia about that. She don't know. I asked Ryo and he says he don't know. It just came in his
mind. Mia wanted to try to to learn more about Anna and her armor. Anna is full of
mysteries. But from all we know she is good and not a foe.

"It still tells half of Anna and her armor." said Mia.
Anna walking in the hall, saw Mia.
"Hey, what ya doing?" said Anna.
"Sigh. Nothing. How are your arms and hands?" said Mia.
"Sore but ok." said Anna. Her arms and hands are cover with the bandages.
"You know what?" said Mia.
"They keep talking about you and your moves.
"Really?" said Anna, blushing and sweatdrop.
"You' re the only lady warrior in the team. Does it bother you?"
"No and I don't mind it. You need me 'cause I know all the poems."
I'm so jealous about this! Thought Mia.
"See ya." said Anna, leaving.
Mia is so mad and jealous. She breaks her pencil. Her perfect body and she knows all
the poems! Thought Mia.

The boys are in the living room. They're talking about something. They stopped talking
and saw Anna standing.
"Is something wrong?" said Anna.
"I think we have tell her." said Rowen. Anna is clueless.
"We're going to kick you out of the fight." said Sage. "What?! Are you going kick me out of the team?!" said Anna.
"No, that's not what I mean. You're injured and you need your rest." said Sage.
"What do you mean?" said Anna.
"You're caught in Batty's attack and you call a very powerful attack. That's why we want
you to rest." said Rowen.
"No. Ryo, is it true?" said Anna.
"Yes and I don't want you're too weak to fight." said Ryo.
"What if you need me?!" said Anna.
No answer. Anna is shocked.

(Cye's voice) I know it is hard for her. I know how much Anna wants to help. We fear Anna will get killed in the battle. She is a good warrior. So beautiful warrior.

"You don't care for me when I fight?" said Anna.
"We do care but you're hurt from many battles." said Rowen.
"ZZZZZ........" said Kento.
"Hey! Woke up!" said Rowen and Sage, kicking Kento.
"But I'm ok, see?" said Anna, hitting her chest.
"What are you guys talking about?" said Mia, patting Anna's back. Anna closed her blue
eye. Ow!! Thought Anna.
"Don't hide your pain." said Ryo.
(Cye's voice) They're still fussing at her. I hope they're not fussing to much. I still dream
that Anna is my girlfriend. I wish my dream stop.

Cye open his eyes. Anna is gone.
"Why did you have tell her?!" said Ryo.
"Hey, This is right for her." said Sage.
Yuli walked in.
"I thought you wanted to play outside." said Mia.
"I do. Why is Anna crying and running through the woods?" said Yuli.
"Way to go, Sage." said Ryo, getting up.
"I'll go." said Cye.
They left.
"I think I pushed Babe too hard." said Sage.

"Now, go." said Talpa.
The man bowed and disappeared.

She was still in pain but she kepts running. Her tears are flying and landing on the ground
and other places. Anna thought they want her but now.

"You think we let Anna choose it?" said Cye.
"I-I don't know." said Ryo.
The blue sky is cover with green clouds.
"What? Anna!!" said Ryo. They're running, hopefully they will get to Anna before they do.

Anna had a bad feeling.
"You can run but you can't hide!" said somebody.
"Who's here?" said Anna.
"You know what? Talpa told me about you and you're a beautiful girl. I want to collect your life!" said somebody.
Huh? Where did he go? Thought Anna. Somebody was behind her. He cut Anna's subarmor with his sword. Anna fell and hit the ground. Her back was in pain. She turned her back. The new enemy has black armor. His hair is orange.
"I'm Nick of vampire." said Nick.
"Now, it's suppertime." said Nick, licking his teeth. (his meal is blood, and he drinks water with that. It come from your body. He takes your life out of your body and let evil's soul take over your body. Your soul can't return to heaven. You'll be trapped here forever.) "Don't you dare!" said Ryo, hitting Nick right on his chin.
"Are you ok?" said Cye.
"He hit where my wound is!!" said Anna.
"To armor!" said Ryo.
"Armor of Wildfire Dao Jin!"
"Armor of Star Wildfire Dan Jon!"
"Armor of Torrent Dao Shin!"
They're now wearing their armor.
"I don't want you. All I want is that girl." said Nick.
"Never!" said Ryo, attacking him.
"Ryo! Be careful!" said Anna.
Nick stepped back and raised his hand. The bush came out of ground, under Anna.
"AAAAAHHHHH!!!" said Anna. The bush capture her. It's thorns suck Anna's blood.
"Anna!" said Cye, cut the bush. Anna pass out.
"Call off the bush now!" said Ryo.
"Not until my bush has enough food. Hahahaha!!!" said Nick. Cye trying to cut all the bush but it kept growing. "Super Wave Smasher!!" said Cye.
His attack tore the bush. He took Anna out before the bush grew back.
"Ryo, I got her!" said Cye.
Anna opened her eyes.
"You are going to be ok." said Cye.
"Don't you dare mess with my girl!" said Ryo.v "Your girlfriend? You mean was your girlfriend. HAHAHAHA!!" said Nick.
Ryo's temper raised up.
"Grrr..." said Ryo, attacking him
. "Death shield!!" said Nick. Ryo was caught in the attack.
"Ryo!!!!" sceamed Anna. Ryo felt pains all over his body. His heart beat slowly. Anna pushed Cye and ran to Ryo. She held him.
"Ryo... What have I done?" said Anna. She started to cry again. Ryo put his hand on her cheek.
"Don't cry, my love. I'll watch you." said Ryo.
"No!! Don't say that! We have to take you back home-..." said Anna. Ryo covered her mouth.
"Remember, be brave for me. I love you forever. Nobody will stand in our way. I love you so much." said Ryo, dying in Anna's arms.
"Ryo!!!!!" sceamed Anna.
Nick called his magic. He and Ryo's body are disappearing.
"RYO!!!!!!!!" sceamed Anna, after Ryo's body disappeared. Cye couldn't believe it. Anna passed out because of losing too much blood. How would Cye explain the whole thing to the others?

Anna lay on her bed. Cye sat on chair next to her bed.
(Cye's voice) They were in terrible shock when they heard of Ryo's death. White Blaze never left Anna's side. Yuli wanted to play with him but he didn't want to. White Blaze wanted to stay where Anna rested. Image of White Blaze found out that Anna was alive. He is happy about this. I remember the time when Ryo and Anna were petting and playing White Blaze. Anna's nightmare never went away. (sigh) Yes, she still dreams about Ryo's death. The gang kept talking about it. They tried to find who was best and strongest to be the leader. I'm thinking what if we let Anna become the leader. We know Anna and Ryo spent time together and never spent a day apart. But today is the first time.

"Ryo!" said Anna, wake up. She sat up, panting hard and crying again. Cye got up and hold her. She held Cye a little hard. Cye stroked Anna's hair to calm Anna down. She is breathing normal. Cye was thinking.
"You are the only person she trusts." said Rowen.
"Try to make Anna get over it but not too hard." said Sage.
They're right. And Anna needs me. I'll be here. Thought Cye. Anna fell asleep, but Cye never let her go. If he did, Anna would be gone just like Ryo. Cye lay his head on Anna's hair. Cye kissed her on her hair. The sun ray hit Anna's hair. It become black and brown hair. Her hair is down. White Blaze lay his head in the bed.

(Cye's voice) I never will forgot how Anna's hair is so beautiful. When I touch her hair, it's
so soft. Very soft. It has been a day after Ryo's death. I left her room to eat breakfast.

Cye took a bite.
"How is Anna?" said Mia.
"Ok." said Cye.
"Good morning!"
They look up and surprised.
"Is it pancakes?" said Anna. Her hair was in a ponytail. She wore a t-shirt. Her sleeve was pink. The number six is small on her shirt but another one on her back is big. Anna wore her short blue pants. She walked down and sat down.
"How are you feeling?" said Mia.
"Ok." said Anna.
"After breakfast, I'm going to Soulsworld." said Anna.
"What??!!! You are too weak!" said Mia.
"Unicorn's power heal quickly." said Anna.
"If you let me go and Ryo is not dead for long time. I know how to bring him back." said Anna.
"You can bring dead to life?" said Kento.
They're in shock.
"Please do it now!" said Yuli.
"I'm going to. That where I'm going now." said Anna, putting her hand on Yuli's check.
"I'm doing it for us." said Anna.
I'm going to, Ryo. All I need is your soul and body. Thought Anna. She remember Ryo's smile and laughing. An image never left her mind. The one when Ryo put his arms around Anna's neck. He kissed her and lay his head on Anna's head.

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