Episode 12: Cye and the mermaid by Anna of Star Wildfire

(Cye's voice) Since I first met Anna, I fell in love. But Ryo had her. She has blue and brown eyes. I never have met a person who have two different eyes color. I love her blue
eye so much, remind me of the ocean. When I saw Ryo hug Anna and they kiss, I feel blue. I feel like I'm swallowed in darkness. I told myself to give it up but I can't. She is a little shy, but she talks lots. I know. I didn't talk very much. I will never find the girl of my dreams. Anna told me not to say that. She said it'll take awhile to meet my dream girl. But I believe I'll never find her.

She gave birth to her baby. The baby didn't cry, nor breathe. She can't believe that she gave birth to stillborn baby. She cried. Her sister told her in a day she will have healthily baby. A little girl, looking like a one year old, appearing in front of her. She was so happy. She knew the baby will be the princess of the Mermaidsseaworld. She called her baby, Sea.

That's all she remembers. She was raised and grew up with a beautiful mermaid. Sadly, she can't return her home during four years. She look at Toyama Bay. She jumped in. She loves to be in water. She has fins on her arms and her legs. She has fish scales on her back. (Ok. Ok. She look like AndrAIa from Reboot. I'm fan of her when she is woman.) She saw a killer whale was coming to her. But he stopped. She petted him. She remembered a girl calling her. She has pink subarmor. She gave thumbs up and said. "Nice move! And your attack is so cool!"
She thought that girl might take her back to her home.

Cye was watching a movie called, "The Thirteenth Year." (see in Disney channel) It talk about a teenage boy found out his mother is mermaid. He'll turn into merman. Cye loved this stuff. Anna liked it too. The movie is over.
"Wow. It's so neat and cool!" said Anna, stretching.
"Yeah. You're right." said Cye.
"Oh my gosh! It's getting late!" said Anna.
The clock read past midnight.
"Good night." said Cye.
"Nite Nite." said Anna. (it another word for good night)

Cye lay on his bed.

Inside his dream.
He found himself standing on land. He saw a beautiful girl in the small pool. Cye saw a fish's tail at end of the pool. Cye was wearing his swim suit. He walked and went inside the pool. She and Cye kissed.

Cye woke up. He found out that he kissed his pillow. Cye is blushing. He changed his clothes. He walked downstairs. "AAAAHHHH-Chhhoooo!!!"
Something make the roof came off and back the house. Anna blow her nose on tissue. "Sniff. Stupid pollen!" said Anna. "Are you allergy to pollen?" said Rowen.
"Sniff. Yes." said Anna, throw the tissue. They are surprise to see the mountain of tissues in trash can. "Will you stop the pollen before my nose goes crazy??!!??" said Anna.
"I'm going to the whirlpool." said Cye, walked outside.

Later, Cye call his subarmor. He dove in. He saw his friend. But odd. Killer whale never turn his back at Cye. He thought there is something wrong. He swam and was surprised to see a girl play his friend. She is surprised too.

"Un ik ehech kik ehch mondi!!" said somebody.

Killer whale sense the danger. Cye and the girl are caught in water tornado.

"Kum duo era Cye tnch!!" said somebody, finish the spell. "Ha ha ha ha ha!!"

Cye felt something strange. He opened his eyes. He can't believe it! Lots of merpeople are swimming. Cye thought he would have to stop watching too much mermaid stuff.

Ryo and Anna were sitting on the couch. Anna lay her head on Ryo.
"So you have magic." said Ryo.
"Yes. It's very helpful but you have to be careful with it." said Anna.
"What does it feel like to have it?"
"It flows through your veins and shoots out of your finger. It's won't be hurt."
Ryo kissed Anna on her forehead.
"I'm happy I found you." said Ryo.
"Yes. I know. You're the key to my heart." said Anna.
Ryo put his arm around her.
"Your too." said Ryo, kissing Anna's lips.
Anna gasp. An image was inside her mind. Cye was wearing his armor but didn't wear his helmet. Cye put his hand on his right arm. Anna saw blood running down on Cye's arm. He is injured! Anna gasped.
"What's wrong?" said Ryo.
"Cye is in trouble!" said Anna.

"Where did you send Cye?" said Talpa.
"Mermaidsseaworld." said somebody.
"Very good. After the girls' death, I can control their moons. But I can't control
Unicornsland." said Talpa.
"I want Anna's armor. I want you to bring her alive." said Talpa.
"As you wish." said somebody, disappearing.
Anna's armor is part of Wildfire. If the boys give their power to Ryo, Anna's armor will change too. Star Wildfire and Wildfire are linking armors. Thought Talpa. If Ryo transform into Inferno, Anna's armor will change. The legend said two Inferno armors are powerful enough to control the universe.
Talpa remembered he saw the picture that had two Inferno armors. There is two people standing on a cliff. Talpa can't see their face. Stupid minks. They paint their faces and their skin black. The people look like a boy and girl. What a minute! Thought Talpa. Their hair. He used his power the green fire. It showed the same image.
"It's can't be." said Talpa.
Their hair and their swords are looking familiar. He knew the magic.
"Thee should show me thy face." said Talpa.
Their faces appearing. Talpa gasped. He can't believe it! The two mystery people
are Ryo and Anna!!
"How do minks see the future in a thousand years?" said Talpa.

"But if you see him, why do you not stop him?" said Kento.
"It didn't until later. That means somewhere needs Cye's help but something went wrong."
said Anna.
"I know the poem. A drop of blood hit the floor to try to help others." said Anna.
They're looking at her, clueless. Anna is sweatdrop.
"It mean....." said Anna, blushing.
"try to help but something evil strikes." said Anna.
Kento is not in the room. They heard somebody cried.
"Cye!!" said Kento.

Cye tried to find the surface. But it almost it went forever. He can hold his breath for long time. But the time is up. He is drown. Somebody put small blue ball in Cye's mouth. Something taste good. Thought Cye. He chewing it. He can breathing. He open his eyes, saw a beautiful girl.
"Thank you so much for returning me to Mermaidsseaworld." said the girl.
Cye is surprised to see her have no tail. She has fins on her arms and legs. "Who are you?" said Cye.
"Sea." said girl.
"Sea???!! Are you Anna's best friend?" said Cye.
"Yes. But she is dead now."
"No. She's not. She is still alive."
"She is?" said Sea.
"Yes but we have to find a way to return to Tokyo." said Cye.

Rowen and Sage are running through the wood. The troopers attack. Sage and Rowen are jumping out of the way. They call their subarmor. They are attacking the troopers.

"AAAAAHHHHH!!!!" said Mia and Yuli. The trooper are attacked inside. Anna kicked the trooper, right in his face. Another trooper was behind her. She gave him another kick. "Ryo! Let go!" said Anna.
Anna, Ryo and White Blaze are running out, joining the others.
"Where is Kento?!" said Ryo.
"We saw him fight the unknown enemy." said Sage, killed the trooper.
"I'll go!" said Anna, running.
"Be careful!" said Ryo.

"What have you done to Cye?" said Kento, wearing his armor.
"Well, without him, your leader can't wear Inferno. But there is something wrong with Inferno. It looks like it will be gone for good." said girl.
"I'm Batty of Bat!" said Batty, attacking Kento.
Anna was running through the woods. She stopped. She saw Kento and somebody.
Batty. She remember her when Anna and her friends fought her.
"Armor of Star Wildfire Dan Jon!!" said Anna, now wearing her armor. Kento fell and Batty had a chance. Kento saw a pink armor stop her. Anna!
"About time!" said Kento.
Anna moved her swords and attacked Batty.
"Pack Bats!!" said Batty. The pack of bats appeared from nowhere. Anna caught her attack. While Anna is caught, she yelled.
"Wall of fire burn!!"
The fire barrier went up around her and spend away. The bats are caught.
"Nooo!!! My bats!!" said Batty.
Anna stood and breathing hard.
She had a few cuts on her face. They started bleeding.
"Don't you dare hurt my girl!!" said somebody. A red armor jumping and land in front of her. Ryo! Two armors appeared. Bats hurt Anna's hands and arms.
"Don't fight. You're injured." said Ryo.
v "But-.." said Anna.
"Please Anna. Do it for me." said Ryo, look at Anna's blue and brown eyes. Anna look at his blue eyes. She smiled and nodded her head.
"That's a girl." said Ryo, kissing Anna's lip. When Ryo fought Batty, Anna touched her lip. She is so happy to have Ryo. She protects Ryo and he protects Anna too.

"I have to return home!" said Cye.
"Ok. I hope Anna got my message. She is only trail other place." said Sea.

Anna, please take Cye and return to your place.
Anna heard a voice. She don't know whose voice. She hoped she would remember it.
She raised her hands up. Her armor started a pink glow. They stopped fighting and look at Anna. She glowed very bright. Anna raise her head up and close her eyes.
"Bring Cye return here, ring of hope and faith!!" said Anna, glowed very brightly. The pink flew straight to the sky. The pink is around and made it's own ring.
"NOOO!!!" said Batty.

Something pulled Cye.
"Sea, come with me!" said Cye, reaching Sea. He can't hold her.

A light blue armor came out of ring. Anna opened her eyes and smiled. And now your powers. Thought Anna, closing her eyes again. She is getting more bright than before. "NNNOOO!!!" said Batty.
The ring getter bigger. The boys are inside the pink ring.
"My power.... It's growing!" said Sage.
The boys give Ryo their powers. Ryo is now wearing his Inferno armor. It's didn't disappear! Ryo took his swords out of Black Blaze's back. Anna stopped glowing. She collapsed. She looked at Ryo and smiled. She pass out.
"Anna!!" said Sage running to her and holding her.
"Is she-.." said Sage.
"She is still breathing." said Rowen.
"Flaming Tornado!!" said Ryo. Batty caught in his attack. Anna's ring makes Batty weak.
Anna tried to move her head but couldn't.
"Anna!" said Sage. Something is wrong with her heart. Her heart had trouble beating.
"Anna, please don't leave us!" said Rowen. Ryo is still wear his Inferno armor, walking to Anna and kneeling.
"She used all her energy and her strength." said Ryo.
"To give us more power and energy." said Ryo, touching Anna's almost cold cheek. His armor started to glow. The light touched her armor. Her armor started to glow. There are sparkling around her. She opened her eyes.
"Anna!" said everybody.
She smiled.

"Here you go." said Mia, finishing putting bandages on Anna's arms and hands.
"Thanks, Mia." said Anna.
Cye walked in.
"Thank you so much." said Cye.
"No problem!" said Anna, winking.
Ryo put his hands on Anna's shoulders.
"I'm glad you're safe." said Ryo, touching brushing Anna's hair with his fingers. I'll find you and bring you back, Sea. Thought Cye.

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