Chapter 3

________________________________________________________________________ "Yo, Ryo how come your face is so red?" Kento asked.

"It's hot, that's why." Ryo lied.

"But we already have three air conditioners on to max." Cye said. Sage looks at Ryo as a small sinister smile crept across his face.

"What?!" Ryo said sweating a little.

"You're blushing about something." Sage said with a sly smirk. The four boys start cornering Ryo onto the couch. Soon his friends surrounded Ryo.

"Spill the beans." Cye commanded.

"I…Uh…Umm…Uh…" Ryo stammered as his face reddened like an apple. About that time Anna walked out and saw the four boys cornering Ryo.

"I guess I have to help him out." Anna thought.

"Dinner is ready." Anna said as she walks towards them.

"Yeah!" Kento cheered as he dashed into the kitchen.

"Hey, you three better go before Kento eats EVERYTHING." Anna said with her arms across her chest.

"Hey, Kento save some for us!" Cye shouted after his friend.

"Need any help Ryo." Anna asked as she extended an offering hand to Ryo.

"Yeah. Thanks for saving my butt." Ryo said as he accepted the hand.

"It feels kinda warm and soft not mention gentle. Wait what the hell am I thinking." Ryo thought as Anna quickly pulled him to his feet.

"Come on we better go." Anna said as she went into the kitchen and Ryo quickly followed.

After dinner…

"That was delicious!" Kento said patting his stomach.

"It was really good." the four boys piped in.

"Thank you for the compliments." The four girls said enthusiastically.

"Anyone in for ice skating tomorrow?" Anna asked.

"Alright." Everyone replied.

At the skating rink…

"Wwhhooa! Owww! Uoofff!" Kento wailed as fell on his rear.

"How do you walk on the things anyway?" Kento mumbled.

"One reason is that you didn't tie your shoelaces and the second reason is because you switched the shoes around." Ryo replied.

"I knew that." Kento shot back.

"Yeah right." Sage mumbled as he rolled his eyes.

"Shut up blond boy." Kento shot back.

"Blond boy! How you shutting up fat boy." Sage shot back offended.

"Both of you shut up." Ryo said.

"Come on guys let's rocket." Cye said as he jumped into the rink.

"Coming with ya." Ryo said as he quickly skates into the rink. The three boys quickly follow, but Kento was definitely having problems.

"Whoa!" Kento yelped as he fell on the ice. Amy comes skating out with a light green, long sleeve skating outfit that was above her knee. She zooms to the guys. Kento was fascinated at how fast she was.

"Hey, come on let' s start to heat things up." Amy said smiling.

"Hey, Kento can you skate?" Amy asked.

"Not really well." Kento said as he got up.

"Her why don't I teach you the basics first." Amy said as she grabbed Kento's hands and slowly guides him.

"Hey, I think I'm getting it." Kento said as skates to the opposite side of the rink. Carmen skates across the ice with an orange, long sleeve skating outfit above her knees.

"Hey, Amy come on." Carmen waved. Rowen was just shocked at how graceful she was.

"Whoaa!" Kimberly exclaimed as she speeds towards Amy.

"Hi, guys." She said cheerfully. Cye just stared at her.

"What is it?" she asked Cye.

"Uh… Uh… nothing." Cye lied.

"Alright," she said.

"Can you skate?" Kimberly asked Cye.

"Yeah." Cye replied.

"Great!" Kimberly exclaimed as she grabbed Cye's hand and brought him to the center of the ring. Winter came out wearing an ice blue skating outfit. Winter jumped over the post and did a flip to warm up her skating.

"How… did she do that?" Sage thought himself. Winter looks up and waves to Sage and Sage waves back.

"Wow, I have to admit she looks hot in that outfit." Sage thought.

"I wonder where's Anna?" Ryo thought as he looked around for her and saw her enter the ice rink. Anna wore a milky white skating outfit with long sleeves and a skirt that was right above her legs. She had her hair braided into a loose single braid. Anna skates with force at first then she does a triple axle and launch into he air with a spin before she landed.

"She's beautiful." Ryo thought.

"Hey, Ryo!" Anna said as she glided across the ice. "Join in. The ice is just fine." Ryo nods. A sleek, black hair girl skated into the rink.

"Lina?" Ryo wondered why she was here.

"Hey, Ryo!" Lina exclaimed as she waved to Ryo.

"Hi." Ryo replied. Anna was skating towards when she caught someone else in the rink that she didn't know.

"Uh… Ryo, who is that?" Anna asked. Ryo smiled at her. Lina was jealous of how Ryo was treating this brat that she doesn't even know.

"Earth to Ryo. Are you still there?" Anna said as she planted her hand on her hips. "Oh, sorry her name is Lina and she's a friend of ours. She also lives with us." Ryo said as a light shade on pink crept across his neck. Lina skates over to Ryo.

"Anna. Lina. Lina. Anna." Ryo introduced.

"Hi." Anna said unaware of Lina's jealousy. She ignores her. Then silence.

"Hey, Anna can you teach me how to do that triple axle that you did before." Ryo said cheerfully breaking the uncomfortable silence.

"Sure." Anna replied.

"Great, I don't think I like this. Rowen once told me for some reason that jealousy is an ugly thing. I better keep an eye on Lina." Ryo thought. Anna taught him the moves and he learned after many trails of error.

"Yes, I got! But my butt hurts." Ryo said frowning.

"Those are the consequences." Anna said giggling.

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Chapter 4
________________________________________________________________________ After they finish skating…

"Hey, why don't we all go to Kareoke World today!" Lina suggested.

"Ha! I bet that Anna can't beat me in singing." She thought.

"Why not." Anna said.

"Yeah. I bet its going to be fun." Winter said cheerfully.

"Then, let's go!" Sage said as everyone entered his van.

At Kareoke World…

"Hey who's going to go first?" Ryo asked.

"I am." Lina declared.

"So, who's going to go next?" Winter asked.

"How about Anna." Lina said picking at Anna.

"Dare to challenge me." Lina said.

"You're on." Anna said.

"I don't like this." Ryo thought as he looked at the two.

"You go girl!" Winter said as the rest of the girls routed for Anna.

"Any prizes?" Rowen said getting curious.

"Yeah." Lina said.

"What is it?" Anna said.

"The winner gets to go out with Ryo." Lina said. Anna cocked an eyebrow.

"Uh-oh!!!" Ryo thought. Everyone in the room looks at him. Ryo looks at the ceiling avoiding their looks.

"Isn't that a weird award?" Anna asked.

"No." Lina said.

"Hey, choose those damn songs already." Winter said impatiently.

"Wait. Japanese or English?" Kimberly asked.

"Both." All of them chimed.

"Okay." Anna said.

"Alright I choose Crazy by Britney Spears and Catch You, Catch Me by Gumi." Lina said cheerfully.

"Fine then I'll chose Stronger by Britney Spears and Samurai Heart by Hiroko Mouriguchi."

Anna said cheerfully as she put down the songbook. Lina starts to sing. She got a 71 for Crazy and an 89 for Catch You, Catch Me.

"Wow, you have a nice voice." Cye said.

"Now it's your turn, Anna." Lina said as she shoved the microphone into Anna's hands.

"Anna, you show her how to sing." Amy said.

"O.K" Anna responded. When Anna sung Stronger it made everyone moving to the beat. Anna got a 92 for that song.

"That voice of her is so beautiful." Ryo thought and he blushed when he finally realized he was staring at her for three minutes. Anna starts to sing Samurai Heart and ended it. Suddenly, POP!

BOOM! BANG! Confetti filled the room.

"Huh?!" Anna mused. A tall man entered the room.

"Congratulations." The tall man said.

"You're the first person to get a 100 at this place and you win free passes to a spa. You may bring 12 people with you."

"Thank you." Anna said. She gratefully accepted the passes. They stayed until everyone sung and they soon left the bar.

On the way home…

"So who are you taking with you?" Rowen asked.

"Who else?! Of course the people who I trust the most. YOU GUYS!!!" Anna said as she turned to look at her friends.

"Thanks I think that is very nice of you." Rowen said.

"Hey, thanks Anna." Kento said. Anna passed the spa passes out.

"Thanks a lot!" Everyone said.

Back at Mia's house…

"How was today?" Mia asked as she placed a plate on freshly cut oranges on the table.

"Great!" Everyone replied.

"Well, I'm going to bed." Anna said as she made her way to the stairs.

"Night." the guys said.

"Nite." Anna replied as she climbed the stairs.

"I guess I'll hit the sack too." Ryo yawned. He headed up the stairs. He sees Anna on the balcony.

"Hey." Ryo said.

"Huh?! Oh, hi Ryo." Anna said not turning around.

"What are you looking at?" Ryo asked as he walked towards Anna.

"Stars. They look so clear and beautiful tonight." Anna replied. Something shiny caught Ryo's eyes.

"What's that?" Ryo asked pointing at the platinum chain around her neck.

"Oh, it's a necklace my mother gave to me on my thirteenth birthday." Anna replied.

"May I see it." Ryo asked.

"Sure." Anna said as she fumbled with the clasp and took it off. She placed the necklace in Ryo's hands. He was stunned at its beauty. The crescent moon was perfectly carved in shape and the diamond on it is bright and shiny just like the stars.

"It's really pretty." Ryo said giving it back to her.

"Thanks. This is my favorite necklace. I have another one in the room that I wear more often then this one." Anna said as she walks back into the room and went to the dresser. Ryo followed. She took out a box made of seashells and takes out a star necklace and put the crescent moon necklace back into the box. Anna tries to put on the necklace but fumbles with the clasp.

"Dammit." Anna cursed under her breath.

"Here let me help." Ryo said as he slowly laced the necklace around her neck and puts it on. A pair of hostile eyes glares at Anna with jealousy, as if wanting to burn holes into her.

"Thanks." Anna said.

"No prob." Ryo said as he pulled the covers over himself.

"Goodnight." Ryo said.

"Nite." Anna said as she clicks of the light.

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Chapter 5

________________________________________________________________________ The next morning…

"Hey, good morning everyone." Anna said.

"Morning, sleeping beauty." Kento joked as Anna shot him an icy death glare.

"Forget that ever said that." Kento said.

"Did you have a good night sleep yesterday?" Amy asked carrying out a plate of pancakes.

"Yes." Anna replied as she slumped down next to Ryo. Winter got up and grabbed her duffel bag and the wooden sword.

"Hey, where are you going?" Amy asked.

"Practicing my sword techniques. Anyone is welcomed to join me if you want." Winter said as opened the door.

"Hey wait for me." Sage said as he ran after Winter. Amy got up and grabbed her light green duffel bag.

"Amy are you going to train?" Anna asked curiously.

"Yes." Amy said.

"Hey can I come with you?" Kento asked as he walked towards her.

"Sure." Amy replied as she walked out the door. Kimberly got up and quickly opened the door.

"Kim, where are you going?" Carmen asked.

"Swimming." Kimberly said.

"Don't be too surprise if you find Cye there." Anna said as she drank her orange juice.

"I know." Kimberly said as she walked out the door. Carmen looks at her watch.

"The library is almost opening." Carmen said. "I guess I have to return these books."

"I need to go to the library anyway, so may I join you." Rowen said as grabbed his library card.

"Shit! I'm going to be late for work again." Mia said as she grabbed her purse and flew out the door. They all left leaving Anna, Ryo, and Lina at home.

Amy and Kento…

Amy threw a series of punches and kicks at Kento, but Kento as he dodges a few of the moves.

"Ow, you're one tough gal." Kento mumbled as he rubbed his thigh.

"Sorry, if I hit too hard." Amy said as she slowly rubbed her upper arm.

"Second round." Kento said as he got into a fighting stance.

"You're on." Amy said as she got ready in her fighting stance.

After practice…

"Ummmm… A…Amy?" Kento stuttered.

"What's with the stuttering?" Amy asked looking at Kento.

"WILLYOUGOOUTWITHME!!!" Kento said quickly as he blushed furiously.

"Are asking me on a date?" Amy asked taken back. Kento nods.

"Sure, but is casual or formal?" Amy asked.

"I was thinking of taking you to the new French restaurant downtown." Kento said as he plastered his goofy smile on his face.

"When?" Amy asked.

"Tonight at six." Kento said. Amy nods okay and Kento cheers.

"I have to admit. You do look cute when you blushed." Amy giggled as she dug into her duffel bag and fished out a drink. Amy felt a pair of strong arms around her waist. She turns around to find Kento. He kissed her gently at first, then a little bit deeper. They suddenly they broke apart.

"I think we better go back to training." Amy said as the walked hand in hand back to training.

Carmen and Rowen…

Rowen pulls out a book and sees Carmen on the other side of the bookcase. Rowen blushes.

"Am I able of asking her out?" Rowen thought as he saw Carmen pull out another book.

They soon left the library and went their separate ways home. Rowen on the left side of the street and Carmen on the right side of the street. Both have their noses in the book and were nearing the corner of the street. CRASH!!! They fell and their books were all over the place.

"OHMYGOD!!! I'm so sorry." Carmen exclaimed as she tried to get up.

"No, I should be sorry I was the one that wasn't…" Rowen trailed off as he recognize the voice.

"Huh? Carmen." Rowen said.

"Nani?" Carmen mused as she gently pulled Rowen up.

"I so sorry man." Carmen apologized as she starts picking up the books with Rowen.

"Apology accepted." Rowen said as he looked at Carmen. Suddenly their hands fell upon the same book. Their gazes locked on to each other. Rowen was slightly blushing. Their face only inches apart. The gap soon closed as Rowen kissed Carmen almost passionately. Then they broke apart.

"Um…Carmen will you go out with me?" Rowen asked.

"Where to?" Carmen asked still feeling a little light headed.

"Um… how about that new Chinese restaurant downtown?" Rowen suggested.

"You can also dressed casually." Rowen said.

"Great, but when are you going to pick me up?" Carmen asked.

"At six. Okay?" Rowen said.

"No problem." Carmen said as they walked hand in hand back home.

Kimberly and Cye…

Kimberly dived into the lake and sees Cye playing with his killer whale.

"Wow, Cye. Is that yours?" Kimberly asked as Cye turned around.

"Yes." Cye replied smiling.

"Honto, what's its name?" Kimberly asked.

"Suiki." Cye replied. They swam and talked about their hobbies and favorite fishes.

After a while…

"I love the ocean it's so beautiful and calm." Kimberly said as she stares as she looked into the deep lake.

"Yeah me, too." Cye said.

"Come on you little baka, asked her already." Cye thought.

"Um…Kim will you go out with me?" Cye asked shyly as his face grew pink.

"Sure." Kimberly said as she smiled at him.

"Great! I'll pick you up at six and don't dress casual because I'm taking you to a buffet." Cye said as he smiled.

"Okay." Kimberly said enthusiastically. They looked into each other's eyes and they kissed.

They held hands and watched the sunset together.

Winter and Sage…

"Damn, she's good." Sage thought as he struggled to dodge her moves.

"Aya! Heya!" Winter yelled those battle cries as she fought with Sage.

"Hey, do you think we should take a break?" Sage said breathing breathlessly.

"Sure." Winter said.

After practice…

"Um…Winter will you go out with me?" Sage asked. Winter turns around turns around.

"Alright, but when?" Winter asked.

"At six." Sage replied.

"Okay." Winter said as she looked at him. They locked gazes and their faces got closer. They kissed and after that they walked back hand in hand.

Back at Mia's house…

"This is boring." Anna whined.

"You want to go out for a walk in the woods?" Ryo asked.

"Sure." Anna said excited.

"Come on then." Ryo said as they opened the door. After they left Lina followed them into the forest.

In the forest…

"It's so peaceful here." Anna said letting out a sigh.

"Yeah." Ryo agreed. "WHOA!!!" Anna screamed as she tripped over the vine and fell on her butt.

"Hey, Anna. You okay?" Ryo said in a concern tone of voice as he runs to Anna but he tripped over another vine. "WHOA!!!" Ryo yelped. Anna was about to get up when Ryo fell onto of her. Theirs lips met unexpectedly. Anna gently pushed Ryo off of her and both were blushing furiously.

"Sorry." Ryo said.

"It's okay." Anna said as she brushed the dust off of her pants.

"Let's forget that ever happened." Anna said to Ryo.

"Alright." Ryo said. Hostile and jealous eyes watched the scene and were fuming.

"Ryo, you have a cut on your upper left arm. Why don't we go home and I'll fix it up for you."

Anna said as she examined his cut.

"Okay." Ryo said.

Back at Mia's…

"Hold on tight, alright. I'll be back in a second." Anna said as she went into the bathroom. Ryo touched his lips thinking about what just happened.

"I'm back." Anna said holding a cotton ball and a bottle of alcohol.

"Hold still." Anna commanded as she dabbed the dampened cotton ball on Ryo's cut. Ryo flinches. Anna giggles and goes back to work. She went back into the bathroom and quickly returns with some bandages. She sat next to his injured left arm. She gently wrapped the bandage around his upper arm where the cut is and quickly tied it. Ryo encircled his right arm around Anna's waist. Anna looked into his tiger, blue eyes and he looked into her brown ones.

"What am I doing?! What's this warm feeling? Am I falling for her?" Ryo thought as their faces inch toward each other. Now their faces are only inches apart. Anna blushed. Lina watched this furiously and all she felt was jealousy that flooded her veins. Anan pushed herself away from Ryo.

"Sorry, I think I got carried away." Ryo said.

"It's alright. Oh, yeah! I heard there's going to be a prom on Friday." Anna said quickly changing the subjects. They heard a slam.

"We're home!" Carmen, Rowen, Winter, Sage, Kimberly, Cye, Amy, and Kento chimed.

"Hey, guys." Anna said as she came down the stairs to greet them.

"Funny. All of them looks so cheerful and cheerful and happy?" Anna thought.

At six…

Everyone came down the stairs and gets ready to go out the door.

"Where are you going?" Anna asked.

"We're going on a date." Amy said hugging Kento.

"Really? Us, too." Carmen said holding hands with Rowen.

"We're also going on a date." Cye said holding Kimberly's hand.

"Me too." Sage said as put an arm around Winter's shoulder. Anna's mouth dropped.

"Are you guys officially an item?!" Anna asked in sly tone.

"You could say that. It is after the date is over that we're officially a couple." Amy said.

"Anyway. BYE!" they said as they went off into different directions. Anna cocked an eyebrow

and as for Ryo who heard and saw everything was still in a state of shock on the sofa.

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