Note from the Author: As you read my fanfic, you may notice Iíve blended some of the elements from Yoroiden: Samurai Troopers into Ronin Warriors. Please donít take offense; this is only my take. Iíve also chosen to explore some things. Like Ryoís family, all Iíve found is conflicting reports. So Iím running with it... Feel free to EMail me, I want to know what you think of my fanfic! Enjoy! "Dark Dreams" By Jinx&Jedi


Dawn breaks in a cascade of golden brilliance over gently rolling waves. A catspaw of wind drifts across the crystalline beach, as song birds start to sing from the tops of trees. Ryo Sanada sits on the edge of the balcony, and takes a sip of his hot chocolate. It ripples down his throat in waves of satisfying warmth. At his feet, his pet tiger, White Blaze, dozes on the warm boards; occasionally issuing a soft contented rumble. Contented and happy. After all that the two of them had been through in the recent past, it was about time they had this measure of true happiness. Granted, most of the time, there was some baddie or another who had some insane desire to get his rear tenderized, flambťed, sliced ní diced, skewered, or flushed down the proverbial toilet. Depending on who he terminally ticked off. Now it felt strange to be taking some time off, like he should be doing sometime constructive, not sitting here guarding a house that didnít need guarding... But, hey, why look a gift horse in the mouth... he and White Blaze were happy and that had to mean something. Still, Ryo finds himself amazed at how much has happened since he had first claimed his armor. So much had changed... so many battles.... Now, in this exceptionally quiet period, he and the guys had taken a break from each other over their summer vacation. Ryo finishes his hot chocolate, and pads back inside to the kitchen. This ocean-front cottage belonged to someone in Miaís family, who he didnít know. He still felt like he was some uncouth slob, even just walking on the carpet. He refills his mug and gets himself a bowl of cereal. On his way back to the balcony, Ryo passes a picture he didnít dare display when they were battling the Dynasty. He feels a pang of loneliness and reminds himself sternly that his sister wouldnít be this homesick; or this lonely. She knew him well enough to know that if he kept his distance, it was for her protection. Ryo could risk his life, but he wouldnít risk hers. As his only living relative, she meant too much to him... But NOW... Ryo lunges for his cordless phone (a gift from Mia) and quickly punches a number he had committed to memory. It rings again and again. Then... ["Hi, this is an answering machine. You know what to do."] "Hi, could you give a message to 'Rainbow'? Itís her brother. Iíve finally slowed down, I guess she hasnít. The phone number where Iím staying is... Um. Forgot. Iíll call back with that later. And in case Iíve never said it before: I love you, sis."

Chapter 1