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Abruptly, all Kayura can see is sky. She hears Rahne shriek with surprise and fear. A strange looking net looms in front of them. They hit with enough force to knock the wind out of them. It starts to give. The ground begins to rush towards them. "Go limp! I have you!" Dais. Kayura relaxes, noting that Rahne does the same. He lowers them to the ground. Rahne hits the ground running, screaming something. YULI. Kayura vaults to her feet, following the other girl. Rahne sprints down the alley, following the soldier who grabbed Yuli. From out of nowhere, something strikes her like a massive torpedo, knocking her momentarily senseless. Hands close around her upper arm in a grip stronger than steel. With a shrill scream of anger, she fights as viciously as she can. Somehow; impossibly, as her strength wears out, Rahne twists free. She feels a white-hot line of pain across the back of her neck, then a snap that jars her body. The ground rushes up, Rahne’s feet skid on the pavement as she tries to run. The person suddenly changes tactics and the arm snaps around her throat in a choke hold. Almost instantly, splotches of color stain her vision. With a great effort Rahne forces herself to calm down and turn her head to her assailants elbow. Before she can do anything, however, blackness creeps around the edges of her vision. Then the death-grip releases; Rahne falls to her knees, gasping in huge lungfuls of air; feeling dizzy and sick. Her wrists are bound behind her. Rahne looks back down the alley to see Yuli running to Kayura. She’s laying in a pool of blood, not moving. The Kayura moves a little, Rahne can see her armor shifting a little as she breathes. The Warriors and two Warlords rush down the alley they saw Rahne and Kayura duck down. Yuli’s kneeling by an unconscious Kayura, he looks up at them in terror. "GUYS!! HE’S GOT RAHNE!!" Zanaton steps out of the shadows; using Rahne as a human shield, a knife pressed to her throat. "Your weapons - on the ground or she’s dead!" He snarls, pressing the knife tight enough to draw blood. They put their weapons on the pavement watching him. Rahne was only half-conscious. "Let my sister go!" Ryo bellows, his face tight with anger. "Surrender. Then she’ll go free," Zanaton states, his face mocking. Ryo sees Rowen slowly moving in the direction of his bow. He had to distract the creep. "First let me know she’s all right." Zanaton grabs a handful of Rahne’s long, black hair and pulls viciously. Rahne suddenly gasps with pain, coming fully aware. "R - Ryo!?" Rowen flies against the wall of the alley, as Zanaton sees him reach for his bow. He moves closer to their piled weapons, driving them back. Ryo catches a glimpse as Rahne tries to move one of his katanas closer to her with her toes. He forces himself to ignore her so she can get a chance to free herself. "No tricks now, or I give her a fatal smile." Zanaton draw the knife in a slashing motion near her throat. He moves just a little closer. Rahne stomps on the handle of his katana like she was launching one of her batons for Gymnastics, it grazes Zanaton’s calf. He howls with pain, dropping the knife. Rahne tries to make a run for her friends, but vanishes in a burst of light. "RAHNE!!" Ryo screams futilely, falling to his knees. Zanaton fades away too, back to the wherever he came, leaving the Warriors standing in an empty alley. End Chapter Six Note From Jedi! Finally. At midnight, Jinx finished these chapters as I slept off exams, so this didn’t get proofread beyond the spellcheck on the computer. Please "flame" us if theres anything wrong, or you notice we goofed on. As normal there’s the disclaimer that I was gonna put at the bottom of the end of the last chapter, but I think everyone knows that run-down already. Thanks!