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He hugs her closer, sharing his body’s warmth with her. His long hair was now running into brackish dark pools on the stones, leaving dirty red hair and redder eyebrows. His eyes that had been a chilly shade of ice-blue, are now a rich and warm emerald green. Even his face looks different, more human. His features look a little gaunt, though, as if he hasn’t been eating well. "Who are you, then?" She whispers, silently realizing that he’s been speaking inside her mind. She felt so tired... Rahne shakes off the cold’s spell and looks back up at him. "(Alexander.)" His hand brushes the mess of wet bangs from her face. "(Rest, now. You’re safe.)" There’s so many questions she wants to ask him; but she relaxes and practices some meditation. After a long time, he looks around exaggeratedly. "(There wouldn’t happen to be showers for this oversized swimming pool, I suppose?)" "You’re a goofy barbarian, you know that, Alex?" She rasps from his chest, looking a little better thanks to the rest. "Were - were you the one who helped me when they went after Yuli?" Alex’s face goes a little sad, as if he was remembering a bad memory. "I was kidnapped from my parents when I was his age... I never allowed him to kill or harm the children. The others always did that..." They both go silent, resting. Both of them were slowly getting warm from sharing each other’s warmth, but Alex begins to entertain the idea of a fire. There’s plenty of wood down here from spears that fell down from above. Maybe later. Rahne falls asleep, finally warm enough to let herself. Alex leans against the wall and lets his psionic sense wander. Maybe I can find some help... End Chapter Eight